Kim Jong-un’s Genius in Pursuing Capitalism

All North Korean propaganda about Kim’s genius of shooting, handling tanks and other skills is rubbish because for the leader of a country, those skills are useless. A good leader has first of all to be able to decide the right route for his country to follow and employ competent officials to successfully carry out his policies to make his country prosperous and his people happy.

According to PRC sources, Kim Jong-un has sent thousands of technocrats to China to learn from it its reform and opening-up, especially the development of private enterprises. There is also news that a joint venture coffee shop with Austria has recently been open in North Korea’s history museum to offer well-known European brand of coffee.

If he is really switching from communism to Chinese style of capitalism for his country’s prosperity and his people’s benefit, he is a true genius.

We need not worry that he is too young to have his way. He has China’s strong support.