– China defends forex strategy

Income on outbound investment rose an average of 32pc a year from 2003 to 2011, regulator says, amid concern at size of dealings in US government bonds – China defends forex strategy

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In Its Arms Race with America China Launches Two Satellites for Its GPS System

China has successfully launched two satellites to improve its own GPS system, which is vital for China’s military strength.

As pointed out in my post “China Steps Up Its Navy Buildup” on January 29, since China was challenged by its South China Sea disputes opponents due to Obama’s high-profile announcement of America’s return to Asia, China has begun its arms race with America. The haste in developing China’s GPS system is another clear evidence.

In my post “Obama’s Generous New Year Gift to China” on January 28, I said that Obama’s announcement of his new strategy characterized by substantial reduction of U.S. military budget was a generous New Year gift to China as it enables China to surpass America in military strength faster. I expect that as America will reduce its military spending while China is making every effort to step up its military buildup and as China and Russia become closer in their cooperation in weapon development, China may surpass America within a decade.

For the news about the launch, please refer to the SCMP report shared here. – China launches two satellites on one rocket

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via – Chen ‘set to obtain asylum in America’. – Coca-Cola apology for contaminated drinks – Coca-Cola apology as drinks canned

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SCMP: Chongqing torturers now the hunted, ex-lawyer says – Torturers now the hunted, ex-lawyer says

via – Torturers now the hunted, ex-lawyer says. – Crackdown after dissident flees – Crackdown after dissident flees

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