Another high official demoted due to Bo Xilai

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says today, Luo Lin, director of State Administration of Work Safety was suddenly removed. Senior mediaman Chen Jieren says in his microblog that internal high-level sources reveal Luo will perhaps be transferred to the post of deputy director of China Co-op. Luo was demoted because of his misconduct in handling the landslide at Wulong Mountain, Chonqing in 2009 in which 10 people died and 64 were missing. The landslide was caused by illegal logging on the slope where logging was banned, but in order to please Bo Xilai, the then Chongqing Party boss, Luo who was in charge of the investigation, determined that the disaster was caused by nature instead illegal logging and understated the death toll.

China Begins New Round of Stimulus, With Caution

New York Times says, due to falling growth rate, China’s leaders have begun to take measures to boost economy though they have made no formal announcement of a stimulus program. On Wednesday People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s leading newspaper, quoted leading Chinese economists as suggesting that any efforts to bolster growth are likely to be measured.

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Ambassador stunned at Wang Lijun’s request for asylum

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says in its report, in an interview with Newsweek, US Ambassador to China Gary Locke said his first reaction to the news of Wang Lijun seeking asylum was “OH, MY GOD!”

Gary Lock said that when he was at a meeting in Beijing away from the embassy, he received a cryptic email in his mobile phone telling him to “Return to the embassy’s secure communications area immediately.” He rushed back and found a Sino-US diplomatic storm was brewing as Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun was in US consulate in Chengdu seeking asylum.

Wang told Americans that Bo Xilai intended to kill him as he knew too much of the secret about the poisoning and murder of Neil Heywood, a British citizen, so that he wanted to go to America for safety.

Bo Xilai sent armed personnel to surround the consulate, but Wang would not surrender to Bo and finally left for Beijing accompanied by people he trusted.

Locke said “it felt like something out of a spy thriller.”

Ma’s One country, two areas OK with Beijing

Xinhua says that Yang Yi, a spokesman from the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said the mainland was not surprised to hear Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou’s recent use of the phrase “one country, two areas” to describe cross-Strait relations. It is consistent with Ma’s previous policies.

Yang said: Beijing considers any statements, ideas or policies that adhere to the fact that both sides of the Taiwan Strait are parts of one China to be positive and conducive to the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.

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Fujian and Guizhou rallies for vindication of June 4

According to SCMP, In Fujian more than a dozen protesters rallied outside a court demanding a reassessment of the June 4 incident while in downtown Guiyang, Guizhou province, dozens of protesters sought official vindication of the 1989 Tiananmen Protests.

Hand over money, villagers told, SCMP

Villagers near a major dam construction sites in Sichuan and Yunnan are forced to pay to authorities 30,720 yuan (US$5,680) per head from the compensation they receive for the loss of their homes and farmland and dip into their own pockets if the levy exceeds the compensation they have got.

The compensation is only a subsidy of 160 yuan (US$30) per month for years barely enough for food, still officials want to reduce it.

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Major Chinese bank’s vice-president detained

According to China’s and Hong Kong’s SCMP, Yang Kun, executive vice-president of Agricultural Bank of China was brought away by the discipline inspection authority to “assist investigation”.

According to SCMP, that has been confirmed by the Bank’s filing yesterday to Hong Kong’s stock exchange.

Sources say one of his relative has also been brought away to receive investigation.

Yang’s case began with his involvement in a Beijing property entrepreneur’s gambling but sources say he is suspected to have lots of other problems.

Quite a few of those familiar with Yang are surprised at the news as Yang was a rising star with the prospects of rising to a top executive post in a major state-owned bank.