Xi Jinping, a Man of Quick Decision and Actions

I was impressed that according to his wife, the well-known folk song star Peng Liyuan, forty minutes after Xi Jinping met her, he decided to court her. At that time, he had no idea that she was very rich and not even knew that she was the original singer of some of his favorite songs. They married 9 months later.

Xi was a medium-rank official then while Peng, 24 then, was a beautiful singer with national renown and was nine years younger than Xi. If Xi had not taken quick actions to court Peng, with such beauty and renown, Peng would have possibly been courted by lots of Xi’s competitors such as well-known stars and scholars, high officials and wealthy tycoons.

Xi proved that characteristic again now. Merely a fortnight after he was elected general secretary and months before Hu Jintao retires, he raised his banner of “renewal of China”.

In fact, Hu Jintao was not slow. One year after he took over, he put forth his Scientific Outlook on Development that stressed “comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development” and “putting the people first”, which has now been written into the party’s constitution.

However, Xi is much quicker and his was a well prepared grand event that exploited the surge of nationalism due to the maritime territorial disputes over Diaoyu Islands and some islands in the South China Sea.

The exhibition entitled “The Road Toward Renewal” is quite an old one that has been held since September 2009 and is not much mentioned now.

Xi took all the other 6 new Politburo Standing Committee members to visit the exhibition yesterday and gave a short speech.

China’s central TV station (CCTV) began its prime-time evening news with a video clip of the visit including Xi’s entire speech and immediately read a commentary on the visit and speech. Obviously the commentary was prepared before the visit.

The text of Xi’s speech, however, was not published until more than 2 hours later as Xi spoke without a prepared speech and it took time to turn what Xi said into a formal written speech.

In Xi’s speech, he told all Chinese people to remember well “lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks and only development makes a nation strong”.

A man who has suffered from bully for a long time may perhaps need some psychiatric help as he may be very sensitive to any future bully or even something suspected of bully.

The Chinese nation is well-known for its superb ability to endure hardship. However, the deep mental wound that a nation suffered for a century from foreign aggressions takes time to cure.

People who have not experienced the terror and humiliation when China was occupied by Japan perhaps can never understand Chinese people’s heated response to the maritime territorial disputes with Japan and the Philippines, especially when the two countries and other South East Asian countries try to involve the US in the disputes.

The rally call of “lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks” will make it easier for Xi to take harsh measures to deal with corruption and carry out further reform. It will also urge Chinese scientists and engineers to develop advanced weapons with dedication.

The dedication of Luo Yang, the engineer in charge of development of China’s first carrier-based fighter J-15, is a case in point. Luo died on job on board the carrier when he was studying the data of the test landing of the fighters.

That the first landing was carried out by five instead one pilot was also a case in point. No one expected that they would take such great risk.

In the past I estimated that it took two decades for China to catch up with the US in its weapons. Chinese scientists and engineers are hardworking and clever. With such dedication, the period of time may be shortened to one decade.

Formerly, I thought and saw signs that Chinese leaders wanted to set up a commonwealth like the EU in Asia that will bring prosperity to all the countries in the area. China and Japan will certainly be the major parts of the commonwealth. However, the tension now between the two countries will perhaps make it impossible to establish such a commonwealth.

In Xi’s speech, Xi said: it is not easy for China to find a correct road toward rejuvenation, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. He called all Chinese people to keep firmly in mind that “the path decides the destiny, which indicates how difficult it is for us to choose a right road, and that we have to continue taking this road, unswervingly.”

No doubt those words indicate that Xi is a reformer and will vigorously carry on the reform.

Regarding to future, Xi told all people “to keep in mind that to turn blueprints into realities takes a long time and it also demands long and hard efforts”. He stressed, “Making empty talk is harmful to the nation; while doing practical jobs can help it thrive.”

In short, Xi’s speech proves that he is a pragmatic reformer with quick decision and actions.

Photos of the Hangar in China’s Aircraft Carrier the Liaoning

Inside view of the hanger in China's aircraft carrierChina’s mil.huanqiu.com posts six photos of the hangar in China’s aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and says that it looks small and that there is no aircraft but basketball stand in it.

I give one of the photos here. The six photos can be seen at:


Dissident writer Liao Yiwu slams Chinese politicians’ ‘dirty wealth’

SCMP carries Agence France-Presse report from Guadalajara, Mexico: “Chinese dissident writer Liao Yiwu accused China’s political elite of accumulating “dirty wealth” on Friday (HK time), saying it had turned his country into “one of the biggest landfills in the world”.

“‘There is wealth in China that only belongs to the powerful political class, that is the truth,’ Liao told a news conference at the International Book Fair of Guadalajara in western Mexico.

“‘It is a dirty wealth, that is why I think that China has become one of the biggest landfills in the world,’ said the author, also known as Lao Wei.”

“Liao, who was escorted by municipal security guards, said the Chinese government had asked the fair’s organisers to withdraw his invitation,

“The author spent four years in jail after writing the poem Massacre about the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown. He has lived in Germany since 2010 after successfully defying a travel ban by walking to Vietnam.

“In Guadalajara, Liao deepened his criticism of Chinese Nobel Prize-winning author Mo Yan, whom he has accused of being a ‘state poet’ close to the communist regime.”

For details please visit SCMP website at:


China: Dozens charged in Shenzhen’s biggest trial of criminal syndicate

SCMP reports: “Shenzhen’s biggest triad trial has opened in the city’s Intermediate People’s Court, with 41 people charged with links to Hong Kong’s Sun Yee On gang and a string of organised crime offences.

“Chen Yaodong, 41, the alleged head of the Shajing branch of Sun Yee On, and 40 alleged gang members faced 14 charges including organised crime, kidnapping, gambling, robbery, rape, bribery, extortion and drug trafficking, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday. The trial, which started on Wednesday, is expected to last about three weeks.”

“Shajing’s former Communist Party chief, Liu Shaoxiong , and several other officials were among the defendants. Liu is alleged to have accepted nearly 20 million yuan ($3.21 million) in bribes from the gang and to have acted as a ‘protective umbrella’ for it since 2003.”

Shenzhen is notorious for the organized crimes there and is compared to America’s Chicago by some people within and outside China.

I have mentioned in my posts, organized crimes are serious in quite a few cities due to protection by officials, especially top police officers. That was why Bo Xilai began to become popular in China after his campaign against organized crime.

Now, having lost his chance to be promoted into the Politburo Standing Committee, Guangdong party boss Wang Yang is learning from Bo Xilai in dealing a heavy blow at organized crime and in addition at corrupt officials. He will certainly please the new leadership, which wants a clean government as party elders regard rampant corruption as a great problem in Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao administration (see my post “THE MYSTERY OF FORMER PREMIER BREAKING SILENCE” (https://tiananmenstremendousachievements.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/the-mystery-of-former-premier-breaking-silence/)

For details of the report please visit SCMP website at:


China: Some Hebei Cities and Counties Collect Unauthorized Tax

At the last weekend of October, some staff in the taxation bureau of Xian County, Cangzhou City waived their holiday and remained in their office to try to persuade various enterprises to pay an unauthorized tax because due to the recession, the bureau fails to fulfill this year’ tax collection quota assigned by the state.

Unauthorized taxes have been expressly banned by the state, but according to The Beijing News, local governments in some counties and cities in Cangzhou and Hengshui disregarded the ban and imposed the tax.

On October 27, some enterprise owners were called to a meeting by the responsible person of a local taxation office. The responsible person told them that as the People’s Daily had published an editorial on the Diaoyu Islands (called Senkaku by Japan), according to his experience, there would be a war between China and Japan for the Islands; therefore he asked them to pay a tax to “support the state”.

Li Jianguo, an enterprise owner who attended the meeting, does not believe that there will be a war. He said, “If the state is really in difficulty, I will sell my factory to support the state, but is there any truth about the war?” He was asked to pay 70,000 to 80,000 yuan ($11,200 to $12,800) five to six times of the amount of tax he has to pay for the whole year. It is more than he can afford.

However, he has been told the amount is negotiable.

Lu Jinchong, deputy chief of Xian County Taxation Bureau admitted that there was “great difficulty” in fulfilling the tax collection quota this year due to the recession in property market. He alleged that he was not aware of the unauthorized tax, admitted that it was against the rules and said he would make an investigation.

It is said that Xian County has so far collected approximately 200 million yuan ($32.11 million) and has to collect over 90 million yuan ($14.45 million) more in the remaining month to fulfill the collection quota.

Lu was not clear how the quota was set, but only said that it was assigned from above and he was in charge of fulfilling it. According to local officials, when local governments draw in foreign investment every year, they see the prospects of investment in some large projects and believe there will be increase in their tax revenue. However, in fact, quite a few enterprises are not even able to pay their taxes within a short period of time. That is why the amount collected has fallen short.

Sources: The Beijing News, Singtao Daily

Red Song Rebel Mulls Appeal for His Lawsuit against Labor Camp Authority

Last September, Ren Jianyu, 25, a college graduate appointed by the party to be a village official at Pengshui County, Chongqing, was given a verdict of two-year imprisonment in a reeducation labor camp for denouncing Bo Xilai’s sing-red campaign in his microblog.

He was released on November 19 as Chongqing Labor Reeducation Committee crashed the verdict claiming that “the verdict was inappropriately given”.

In October, Ren sued the Committee for violation of the law in imprisoning him in the labor camp but Chongqing No. 3 Intermediate People’s Court dismissed Ren’s claim on the ground that the legal period of time allowed for the litigation had expired.

Ren plans to appeal to Chongqing Higher People’s Court for a review of the verdict.

His lawyer Pu Zhiqiang said that as Ren was entirely unable to file his lawsuit when he was imprisoned in a labor camp, the Intermediate People’s Court had no justified ground to dismiss his case. If such dismissal is allowed, all those imprisoned in labor camps will be deprived of their right of litigation.

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China: Shenzhen village official’s accuser taken into custody

SCMP reports: “A man who accused a senior village official in Shenzhen of being corrupt and owning more than 80 properties and 20 cars was arrested by police on Tuesday before he was scheduled to provide more evidence to reporters.”


“He is one of a handful of people who accused village official Zhou Weisi, in an open letter that has been widely circulated online since Sunday, of owning assets worth more than 2 billion yuan ($320 million).”


“‘Longgang police started investigating Zhou Zujie in June for falsely reporting the registered capital of a landscaping company under his name,’ police told the Post, adding that he falsely reported the company’s registered capital in May as 5 million yuan ($800,000)instead of the real 100,000 yuan ($16,000). Police also alleged he acquired more than 3 million yuan ($480,000) in land-requisition compensation by pretending to own property that was not in his name.”


For details, please visit SCMP website at:


China to tighten laws on land grabs in rural stability push

Reuters reports from Beijing: “China’s cabinet vowed on Wednesday to tighten laws on the expropriation of farmland, warning that the problem risked fuelling rural unrest and undermining the country’s food security.

“‘Rural land has been expropriated too much and too fast as industrialization and urbanization accelerate,’ state news agency Xinhua reported, summing up a meeting of the State Council.

“‘It not only affects stability in the countryside but also threatens grain security.’

“More reforms need to be put in place and a better legal system set up to resolve the problem, including stricter regulation on farmland expropriation, Xinhua said.

“The meeting passed a draft law amendment altering rules on how to compensate farmers whose ‘collectively owned’ land is expropriated, the news agency said, without providing details.

“‘The government must make efforts to beef up support for farmers and place rural development in a more important position,’ it added.

“While the comments on land seizures do not break new policy ground, they do underscore government jitters about rural discontent as President Hu Jintao prepares to hand over the running of the country to his successor, Vice President Xi Jinping, named Communist Party head this month.”

“Conflict over land requisitions accounted for more than 65 percent of rural ‘mass incidents’, the China Economic Times reported this year, citing survey data.”

For details, please visit Reuters website at:


China considers easing family planning rules

Reuters reports from Beijing: “China is considering changes to its one-child policy, a former family planning official said, with government advisory bodies drafting proposals in the face of a rapidly ageing society in the world’s most populous nation.

“Proposed changes would allow for urban couples to have a second child, even if one of the parents is themselves not an only child, the China Daily cited Zhang Weiqing, the former head of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, as saying on Wednesday.

“Under current rules, urban couples are permitted a second child if both parents do not have siblings. Looser restrictions on rural couples means many have more than one child.

“Zhang, who serves on China’s congressional advisory body, said any changes if adopted would be gradual.

“‘China’s population policy has always taken into account demographic changes but any fine-tuning to the policy should be gradual and consider the situation in different areas,’ China Daily cited Zhang as saying.”

“President Hu Jintao dropped a standard reference to maintaining low birth rates in his work report to the ruling Communist Party’s five-yearly congress in early November, a break which some experts see as evidence of an imminent change to the one-child policy.”

For details, please visit Reuters website at:


China: Henan Police Exacting Lorry Drivers Wonton Fines

China’s Central TV Station (CCTV) displays in its evening news a video clip of a traffic policeman exacting an unwarranted fine from a lorry driver.

In the video clip, we see a traffic policeman pulling a lorry driver from his seat, saying, “Give me your driving license.”

The driver says, “I would not give it to you. You said last time that you would give me preferential treatment next time, but you do not now.”

The policeman says, “When did I say so?”

The driver is almost falling down and says, “I give you my license, give you my license. Do not make me fall down and get hurt.”

The policeman says, “I must pull you down and make you get hurt.”

Then announcer says “the lorry driver in the video clip was stopped by traffic police and exacted unwarranted fine when he drove past Huojia County, Henan Province. There are similar clips about five hours long, which expose one by one the traffic police’s extortion of wonton fines from lorry drivers passing by. The malpractices have caused widespread concern among the general public.

“Twelve policemen have been held responsible and punished. Among them two have been fired.

“Since the evil members of the herd have been removed, the soil for the existence of such extortion shall also be removed.”

For the video clip, please visit CCTV website at: