US investment in Australia helps both countries in China

China News

Massive investments by the US in Australian resources projects are helping both nations develop a healthy relationship with China, says departing American ambassador Jeffrey Bleich.

“People like to spin out doomsday scenarios,” Mr Bleich told The Australian in a farewell interview.

“They sell books and newspapers,” he said, of the view that China and the US were headed, ultimately, for conflict. “The truth is that the US and China’s relationship has been improving steadily because we’re both committed to making it work.”

Beijing and Washington were putting in a tremendous effort, he said, with their leaders rolling up their sleeves and spending days together in each other’s country.

“That’s how you warm up these relationships to build real confidence,” he said.

Mr Bleich said the US and China depended on each other.

“We’re invested in each other. We want each other to succeed,” he said.

“We would be…

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