Aquino Desperate in Hinting UN, ASEAN Appeasing China

Philippine President Aquino III

Philippine President Aquino III

According to New York Times, Philippine President Aquino III compared China’s claim of sovereignty over some tiny disputed islands and reefs to Hitler’s claim of Sudetenland and asked the international community for support to prevent China from taking the disputed islands and reefs.

He gives the implied comparison of the international community’s failure to support the Philippines to the rich West’s failure to support Czech against Hitler’s demands for Czech land in 1938.

True there was the notorious Munich Conference of appeasement, but there is no international conference on those islands and reefs now. Moreover, the Philippines has applied for UN arbitration regarding to the islands and reefs and the arbitration award has not come out yet.

How can Aquino regard the islands and reefs as Philippines’ and accuse China as an aggressor like Hitler before there is an arbitration award that supports Philippine claim of sovereignty over those islands and reefs?

Does he mean that UN commits appeasement if UN arbitration award is in favor of China?

The Philippines is a member of the ASEAN, but it seems that Aquino has not got support from ASEAN for his claim. Does he mean that ASEAN is committing appeasement in failing to support the Philippines?

It is a pity that he has little international support. Does that prove Chinese sage Mencius famous saying “A just cause enjoys abundant support, while an unjust one finds little support”?

Source: New York Times “Philippine Leader Sounds Alarm on China”

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