Huge Space Transport Rocket Yuanzheng I Will Serve China’s Moon, Mars Projects

During the recent NPC and CPPCC (China’s parliaments) annual sessions in early March, CPPCC member Liang Xiaohong, Secretary of the Party committee of Institute No. 1 of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, revealed that maiden flight of China’s space ferry Changzheng I will be conducted within the year. The success of the maiden flight will be a stride in China’s development of space technology.

The space ferry can support China’s space exploration of the moon, Mars, etc. change the orbits of existing satellites to lengthen their lifespan or enable them to fulfill more tasks, send several satellites in one travel and remove space rubbish. It involves the technology of having the last stage of the rocket to use liquid fuel so as it can be reignited several times for several tasks.

As the last stage is able to work for 6.5 hours continuously, it can send several satellites far away from one another.

Source: “Space ferry Yuanzheng I will greatly enhance China’s space maneuverable transport capability”

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