Jane’s: China’s Type 022 Missile Boats Scare US military with Their Strength

Type 022 Fast Attack Missile Craft launches a missile

Type 022 Fast Attack Missile Craft launches a missile

Recently, China’s official media has disclosed that Chinese Navy’s new stealth fast missile boat excelled in a drill and proved their formidable power in long-range attack.

Britain’s Jane’s Defence weekly believes China’s Type 022 (also called Houbei class) stealth fast missile boat is perhaps the first stealth fast missile boat in the world that adopts wave-piercing technology. Its three great advantages of high speed, quietness and undetectability make it so powerful that under certain circumstances, it may scare away a US aircraft carrier.

Its shape with lots of sharp angles greatly reduced the reflection of radar wave.

Its water jet propulsion avoids the noise caused by the air bubble in propeller propulsion to make it very quiet.

In my post “China’s Type 022 Missile Fast Boat Cannot Be Detected by Tens of Radars” on October 28, 2013, I said a reporter of Chinese Navy’s website navy.81.cn was on board of a Type 022 missile fast boat to watch the drill of a flotilla of Type 022 fast boats. According to him, the boats’ stealth function is so superb that tens of radars cannot detect them while their coating is so wonderful that one cannot see them until they have come quite close.

Jane’s weekly said in its report that the boats’ eight YJ83 new-type medium-range (150 km) anti-ship missiles can attack multi-targets beyond visual range. A flotilla of more than two dozen such boats can conduct saturate attack by simultaneous fan-shaped launch of all the boats’ missiles.

That is quite formidable as the boats can approach enemy fleet to a very short distance without being detected due to its radar and optical invisibility and quietness. They may leave the battle field after firing their missiles as due to the boat’s advanced data link, they can leave the missiles to the care of Chinese AEW&C aircraft or warships.

Each boat has a 30mm six-barrel high-speed gun for short-range air and missile defense.

The boat’s multi-purpose radar can search and lock on targets both in the air and at sea, guide anti- ship and aircraft missiles. It has also optical-electronic and infrared tracking devices and laser distance measuring device. In addition, it can provide navigation guidance and short-range early warning for other boats that are maintaining radar silence.

In my post “China’s Houbei class fast-speed missile boats” on June 1, 2012, I quoted an article for the United States Naval Institute by John Patch, a retired U.S. Navy officer, as saying, “This craft is a purebred ship killer, perhaps even a carrier killer”.

Source: qianzhan.com “Jane’s: PLA Type 022 stealth missile boat with outstanding strength that scares even US military” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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