India and China’s pragmatism to challenge U.S. superpower status

The writer is clear that China affects others with its pragmatism but does not seek world leadership. The U.S. wants to maintain its world leadership but whether it will be able to depends on its ability to make its liberalism work.

Wonderful insight!

China News

Xi Jinping & Narendra Modi Xi Jinping & Narendra Modi

When Narendra Modi greeted Xi Jinping with the idea of “INCH (India and China) towards MILES (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)” [Note 1], the new age of “pragmatism”-based multi-polarity has taken another great step to replace the fading age of liberalism-based dominance by the United States.

In terms of military might, innovation capability, financial market leverage, natural resources endowment, and natural science progression, BRICS plus MIKT (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey) or CIVETS or “Next Eleven” altogether are no match with the USA. Yet, both analysts and ordinary people in the street can more or less sense that the U.S.-led unipolarity is under serious threat, especially from China.

Make no mistake, for example, China’s weaponry is at least two decades behind the Americans. Take a look at the latest Zumwalt destroyer and the X-478 Unmanned Combat Air System on board of USS George…

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