Test Flight of 2nd China-made GX-6 New Anti-submarine Aircraft

Gaoxin-6 no.732, the second of China's new homemade anti-submarine patrol aircraft. Photo by lt.cjdby.net

Gaoxin-6 no.732, the second of China’s new homemade anti-submarine patrol aircraft. Photo by lt.cjdby.net

My previous post “Mystery of China’s Anti-submarine Technology” points out that anti-submarine capability is a vital issue that affects the outcome of any military conflict. Obviously, in the foreseeable future, that issue will be foreign intelligence agencies’ focus of attention and China will make huge efforts to prevent them from obtaining accurate information about that.

Previously there was news on China’s development of its new Gaoxin-6 anti-submarine aircraft. Recently, four photos have been posted on the Internet of the newest test flight of Gaoxin-6 no. 732, the second of China’s newest anti-submarine patrol aircraft (the first being no. 731). Yesterday, Huanqiu.com, an affiliate of Chinese government’s mouthpiece People’s Daily, published a report on and four photos of the said aircraft, but the report and photos were soon withdrawn perhaps due to China’s efforts to maintain confidential its anti-submarine capabilities.

This blogger had time only to download one of the four photos.

Source: huanqiu.com “Test flight of a second China-made new-type anti-submarine patrol aircraft” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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