Chinese Military’s Quantum Communications Not Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

In my post on August 31, 2014 titled “Xi Jinping Exploits Development of Military Technology to Control PLA”, I said, “As far as this bloggers knows, China is making great efforts in developing quantum communications networks that are entirely secure from hacking and cyber espionage.”

In fact, Chinese scientist invented a large quantum communication network with 46 nodes. Obviously Chinese military has used such networks in its military communication. That is why there was a report on PLA air force drill that Chinese military was not affected by enemy’s electronic warfare.

There is also report on July 2, 2014 that China plans to launch a quantum communication satellite in 2016.

I write my book Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S. to warn American government, military and people, but perhaps they are unhappy to read the true information that may hurt their pride. In fact, if the US is aware of the possibility that it will be surpassed by China and make efforts to remain the number one, learning the bad news helps it a lot. However, if American people remain blindly optimistic till China has surpassed the US by far, they will be in trouble to catch up.

Here is a dire example of their lamentable ignorance that may cause great trouble to them. US Stars and Stripes newspaper published an article titled “Analysts: Air-Sea Battle concept carries risks in possible conflict with China” on September 28 pointing out US superiority in cyber war capabilities

The article says that the US may use “it’s computer hackers or, in military terms, cyberwarriors” to disrupt China’s communications. It says, “At the beginning of the fight, the U.S. aims squarely at the web of networks and satellites controlling the enemy’s missiles and other weaponry in a “blinding campaign.”

The writer of the article is not aware that China’s quantum communication network is not vulnerable to hackers’ attack.

It seems the newest quantum communication information technology is unknown to US general public though a quantum communication network has already been established between Pentagon and White House.

There are quite a few such examples of ignorance. A US military expert published an article at a prestigious US magazine claiming that China did not have helicopters and have to use cavalry to defend its ICBM silos (refer to my post “War Soon Due To Underestimate of China’s Determination And Strength” dated February 4, 2014). In fact mass production of WZ-10 helicopters similar to Apache has begun since 2008 and a Chinese regiment is equipped with lots of such helicopters (refer to my post “Drill of Lots of Chinese Apaches in China’s Nanjing Military Command” dated March 21, 2014).

Moreover, Pentagon knows well that China’s ICBMs are mostly mobile ones hidden in 5,000km of tunnels. Perhaps Pentagon is hiding the truth of China’s strength to give people a false sense of security. That is why US military expert Robert Hardick who has access to Pentangon information had not been informed of it. He says, China’s DF-21D aircraft carrier killer ballistic missile “still apparently not tested against a moving target at sea”.

In fact, in 2011 and 2012, China conducted quite a few launches of DF-21D in the South China Sea and successfully hit and sank a simulated model of aircraft carrier made by transforming China’s Yuanwang 4 survey ship. A U.S. research institute has learnt that, but Pentagon has not.

Source: “China is the first in the world to carry out undetectable quantum communication across a distance of 100 km” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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