China to Promote J-31 Stealth Fighter Jet at Zhuhai Airshow

Photo of recent training of J-31 stealth fighter jet

Photo of recent training of J-31 stealth fighter jet

Will China showcase its J-31 stealth fighter at Zhuhai Airshow to be held from November 11 to 16? That is a question that draws much interest.

Some Chinese military fans tried to visit the site to see whether any preparations have been made for putting J-31 on show. They were not allowed to enter site but were excited to see a huge poster on the fighter jet at the gate of the site. That is a clear signal that J-31 will be showcased at the airshow.

There will be quite a few top aircrafts among the 130 plus aircrafts in display at the airshow, including Airbus 380, C130, C17 and Il-76. J-31, if put on show, will be the star of the airshow. It will be the first time that China showcases its fourth-generation fighter jet, something unprecedented as China has so far not put on show any aircraft at world advanced level.

The fact that J-31 can be shown to the public indicates that it has passed preliminary stage of research and development. Failing that, China will not be able to answer professional questions asked by aircraft experts at the Airshow. Then China will be embarrassed instead of being proud for its success in developing the stealth fighter jet.

The display of J-31 aims at promoting its export sales. For weapon development, China shall not rely on domestic market alone. It has to export the weapons it has developed to enable it to utilize foreign funds for its weapon development.

Moreover, it is also an important part of China’s reform to further liberate its economy. J-31 is the first major weapon development project initiated by a weapon manufacturer on its own without government involvement and funding. The successful development of J-31 opens the way for weapon enterprises to conduct their own projects with their own creation. That will greatly boost China’s weapon development. In addition, the huge profits from advanced weapons will greatly boost the growth of China’s weapon industry.

Source: “Exposure of the most recent training of China’s J-31” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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  2. chankaiyee2 says:

    True, but it is too expensive. That is America’s problem in weapon development. It enables China to catch up and surpass US. I have mentioned in my book “Space Era Strategy” the reasons why China will certainly surpass the US in the foreseeable future, including the ability to give play to people’s talents and diligence, unlimited military budget, researchers and engineers’ patriotism, enterprises’ enthusiasm in achievements in weapon development above profit, etc.


  3. Will Thornbeck says:

    Frankly speaking, the F-35 looks way more sleek & snazzy compared to the J-31 and has a top-notch engine while the J-31 is still dogged by engine problems. The F-35 is coated with a sterling RAM (radar absorbing material) which is a special sort of composite plastic. The plastic overlay requires constant refurbishments though, as it tends to flake and fall off. The radar of the J-31 falls far behind in its performance compared to the its rival.


    • CHINASUCKS! says:

      Yes I agree! china officer was embarrassed because there technology was sucks, imagine while there J-31 demonstrate it seems there is a Smoke coming out in the engine what it is Diesel Engine that they use very smokey! hahaha….