China Building 2 Aircraft Carriers to Be Launched before 2017

China’s quoted Russian military industry news website as saying that in early October, Chinese shipyard at Changxing Island installed radar, electronic system and weapons on the aircraft carrier it is making. The ship is scheduled to be launched before 2017 according to China’s plan to produce two China-made 48,000 to 64,000-ton conventional carriers.

From 2017 to 2020, China will build two nuclear aircraft carriers of 93,000-ton grade for protection of its trade lifelines on the ocean.

According to the report, the electromagnetic catapult on China’s nuclear aircraft carrier will be more than 100 meters long. It will use straight linear induction motor supported by complicated power supply and command systems. Its vital part is a highly efficient energy storage devise able to store 120MJ energy needed in ejecting an aircraft within 45 seconds. The device on the carrier can store a maximum of 140 MJ. Its power supply needs 3.1 MW for charging the device; therefore, must have the power not exceeding 4 MW. The carrier needs 60 MW of electricity for its engines, four catapults and other systems.

China has to vigorously develop its navy in order to protect its trade lifelines far away from its coast. Development of navy now costs about one third of China’s military budget, but there will be further increase through cutting the funds for its shrinking army.

The Russian media believes that in order to protect China’s trade lifelines, especially the supply of oil from Middle East, China has begun to infiltrate into the Indian Ocean. Not long ago Pakistani defense minister announced Pakistan’s hope that China will set up a naval base at its Gwadar Port that China has been helping it build.

China has taken an active part in Sri Lanka’s commercial projects at Hambantota Port. Another potential base will be at Sittwe Port, Myanmar.

Chinese navy has been intensifying its activities in Indian Ocean. In March 2011, two Chinese warships visited Abu Dhabi.

Source: “Good news about China-made aircraft carriers: Radar, electronic equipment and weapons having been installed” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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