PLA Looks Down on Perry Class Frigates, Apache Taiwan Gets from US

US supply of 4 Perry class frigates to Taiwan has become a hot topic, but a PLA major says that even with such weapons, Taiwan lags behind China by 2 decades. Especially, Perry class frigates are outdated warships that the US is decommissioning and selling to get some funds to ease the effect of the reduction in US military budget.

However, even if the US is willing to sell Taiwan some really advanced weapons, it takes time for Taiwan to learn how to operate them and provide logistic services for them; therefore, the US is unable to help Taiwan if a war breaks out now.

Over the past decade, PLA has commissioned lots of advanced weapons and set up a combat system much superior to Taiwan’s. The war now be of such a large scale that Taiwan cannot afford.

If the war across the strait emerges in the future, China is enhancing its military strength much faster than Taiwan. Taiwan will be hopeless especially when China has commissioned its J-20 stealth fighter jets and hypersonic weapons and built its homegrown aircraft carrier.

According to the major, China wants a peaceful solution of the Taiwan issue. For that purpose, China has to develop its military to make it far more superior to Taiwan’s.

The US knows well that it is unable to help Taiwan but only wants to make money by selling some outdated weapons to Taiwan. Taiwan knows well such weapons cannot help, but at least the sales show that the US is on its side. That gives Taiwan a sense of security.

Source: “Major: PLA looks down on Perry, Apache not even if US provides Taiwan with such weapons for three more armies” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)