China Conducting Land Reclamation in Paracels in Addition to Spratlys

North and Middle Islands before and after land reclamation

North and Middle Islands on January 9 when land reclarmation began and on March 2 when much land reclamation had been done.

The Diplomat says in its report on March 7 titled “Satellite Imagery: China Expands Land Filling at North Island in the Paracels”, “Satellite imagery from March 2, 2016 shows a marked expansion of China’s dredging and land filling at North Island in the Paracels.”

The dredging did not begin until January 2016 and the report says, land reclaimed links North Island with Middle Island to accommodate a runway. The report believes that China may build an airstrip there though there is an airfield in nearby Woody Island. China will have three airstrips in the Spratlys. Two in the Paracels are not too many.

Source: The Diplomat “Satellite Imagery: China Expands Land Filling at North Island in the Paracels”

Full text of the report can be viewed at


2 Comments on “China Conducting Land Reclamation in Paracels in Addition to Spratlys”

  1. Concerned says:

    Those are the more pertinent points in the argument instead of the rhectorics raised by the USA and her allies which can be quite ridiculous to many of us e.g. Why didn’t USA signed the UNCLOS or Why is USA not a member of the ICC?

    It is pure self vested interest that drives all nation. China signed the UNCLOS with the clause Article 298 included and so did Philippines and many others. Hence if USA and allies hope to hoodwink the world into thinking that China is not a law abiding nation, think again?

    How about the case of Australia ignoring East Timore complaint and Australia is extracting inside East Timore sea boundary which breached international law?

    IMO USA in using warships to intrude within the 12nm prove the FON of the SCS is pure nonsense, very provocative and dangerous. What if China Military sank USA warship in the process. It is not difficult at all.

    Well, the good news is TIME is on China side and as each year passes, China is getting stronger and USA getting poorer hence the intense stoking and aggressive provocation on the part of USA will backfired. But let not also forget that SCS is China backyard so I won’t be surprised one of these days China may return a favor to USA be sailing within 12nm of Guam, etc. Then what will USA do then? Use the media to turn China into a demon and today consider her own action as valid and reasonable?

    All the act of war is not helpful to East Asia nor the ASEAN and even the world hence I regards USA action as reckless and irresponsible. My suggestion for USA is to fight the war inside USA e.g. Why did Sunni Saudi and Turkey in cahoot with USA attacked Assad’s Syria and now the EU has to bear with the consequences of the Syrian refugees. These are Sunni refugees, it does not make sense why Sunni’s Saudi and Turkey who started a war in their name did not accept these Sunni refugees and pushed them to Christian EU nation e.g Germany, etc. instead.

    The rest of the world are not easily FOOLED. Wake up!


  2. Steve says:

    The US, Vietnam and Philippines have absolutely no complain on this landfill reclamation. In 1945, under the Cairo and Potsdam Declaration both Archipelagos of the Paracels and Spratly Islands have been declared as part of the Guangdong Province. China occupied Woody Island in 1956 and drove off the South Vietnam Navy when it tried to capture the adjacent islands of the Archipelago. Clearly, China are the host and owners of the two Archipelagos and adjacent waters. Any foreign interference are deemed as bandits and pirates Not mere Guest.