China Doctor and Nurse Are Hazardous Jobs; Hospitals, Cash Cows

Da struggles to get free from the men after they drag him out of the lift, but is eventually subdued. Photo:

The man who tries to set fire on a nurse struggles to get free from the men after they drag him out of the lift, but is eventually subdued. Photo:

Doctors and nurses had high esteem before Mao’s “Great” Cultural Revolution, female doctors and nurses were even regarded as angels in white. However, as they are intellectuals, they were looked down along with other intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution. Successful doctors, like other successful intellectuals were persecuted and humiliated as reactionary academic authorities.

However, intellectuals have recovered their respectful status since the end of the Cultural Revolution, except doctors and nurses.

Yesterday, SCMP gave a story reblogged by me titled “Doctor forced to kneel, burn offerings after baby’s death at Shenzhen hospital” of a doctor being humiliated and related medical staff being assaulted by patients who blamed the doctor and medical staff for the death of their beloved child.

Whether the doctor and medical staff have committed an error of negligence shall not be decided by patients’ relatives without professional knowledge. It shall be determined through investigation by a group of experts organized by medical association.

Even if, in rare case, the doctor has indeed committed an error or been negligent, he shall be punished according to regulations and law by competent authority. Patients’ relatives have no right to take over the authority to punish the doctor themselves.

According to the report, police is investing the case and the offenders may be punished. Still, we may make allowance for the offenders as they have become wild and violent due to the loss of their beloved only child.

In fact, such cases of emotional attack of medical staff are not common compared with the cases of violence and threat of violence for compensation for patients’ death.

Due to moral degeneration, some people regard hospitals as cash cows to make quick money from with the excuse of medical staff’s error or negligence in causing their relatives’ death. Those people sometimes use the threat to attack medial staff to force hospitals to pay unreasonably high compensations and sometimes attacked medical staff due to dissatisfaction about the compensations. There are often organized criminal gangs behind them.

Such violence due to illegal demand for compensation and the deceased’ relatives’ fury has turned doctors and nurses’ jobs quite hazardous ones.

SCMP gives a story in its report today titled “Chinese man pours petrol over nurse in hospital lift, tries to set her on fire after mother’s death” of a nurse being poured petrol by a deceased patient’s son. She was fortunate as the offender was stopped by four people who took quick action to rescue the nurse at her call for help before the offender had time to set fire on her.

We do not know whether the man is instigated by organized crime as the violent death of a nurse may soften the hospital’s resistance to unreasonable demands for compensation. Even if the man is furious, it simply did not make sense for him to take revenge indiscriminately on that specific nurse.

Full text of the SCMP reports yesterday and today can respectively be viewed at and


3 Comments on “China Doctor and Nurse Are Hazardous Jobs; Hospitals, Cash Cows”

  1. Steve says:

    As mentioned in my earlier post, China need to educate it’s population to understand the rule of law and legal channels of communication in relation to abuse or not by alleged doctors for mistreatment of patients and why deceased patient’s relatives and patients should not take the law into their own hands. During the late Chairman Mao’s period that send millions of people into the cauldron of death, it is ingrained to ‘kill first ask questions later.’ The late Chairman Mao had this amazing policy of ‘there must be destruction first before construction.’ This is a habitual tendency to take the law into your own hands for punishment of an alleged crime caused by doctors. Even worst, using superstitious tradition to force doctors to kneel in reverence to the deceased for crimes caused against the death of a child. The meaning is to ask the deceased soul to seek revenge on the doctor for alleged crimes not proven if the doctor was negligent. This is mob gangsterism at the least, clearly demonstrates the lack of information awareness.

    Just like tobacco TV advertisement by health authorities as to why smoking causes lung cancer, China’s Law and Crime Prevention Authorities should advocate education on TV to educate the nation as a whole that taking the law into your own hands is bound to have legal ramifications. There is a saying that ‘An eye for an eye, the whole world is blind.’ ( just like the islamist fundamentalist ).

    As of now, China need to protect medical practitioners, staff, patients and the general public by employing security guards to All hospitals to avoid this Mishap, otherwise such consequences of retaliation will definitely be repeated. Also, for anyone praising committing suicide as the ultimate responsibility or praiseworthy for Not being negligent, you got to have rocks and weeds in your head. I certainly hope you do not pass such incredible intuition onto your grandchildren.


  2. Simon says:

    In America if you have no health insurance you get turned away. If you watch all those American ER rela life documentaries you will see the abuse doctors and nurses gets from gangs and druggies. American hospitals has police and security guards posted in every wards to stop attacks from patients and their associates. China has not got that far yet but maybe it should.
    On the other hand Chinese people respect university and school tutors but in the West they get treated like paupers and subject to abuse by students and their parents.


    • Joseph says:

      True. The security problems in American hospitals are so dire that they have to post guards, security doors, surveillance cameras and even armed guards. But problems at the hospitals are already normality that it’s not even worth reporting. The documentary ‘Sicko’ by Michael Moore, described harrowingly the fundamental problems in American medical systems unlike any other systems in the world. The truth is, if China needs to improve its hospital system, they should not look at the American as example. It would be another ‘the blind leading the blind’ case.