US general says we could be screwed in a war against China or Russia

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley Photo: Getty Images

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley Photo: Getty Images

WASHINGTON — The Army’s top general says military forces on the ground face a high level of risk if the United States gets into a large-scale conflict against a power such as Russia or China.

Testifying Wednesday on Capitol Hill, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley says years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, constrained budgets and troop cuts have had a cumulative effect on the service.

Milley says the Army is ready to fight the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations.

But what Milley describes as a “great power war” against one or two of four countries – China, Russia, Iran and North Korea – would pose greater challenges.

Milley says the Army’s readiness is not at a level that is appropriate for what the American people expect to defend them.

Source: New York Post “US general says we could be screwed in a war against China or Russia”


6 Comments on “US general says we could be screwed in a war against China or Russia”

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  3. Reader says:


    Truth is, if one is rational about it, Amerika Inc. with its “Debt Capitalism” ideology, and “PetroDollar”, is over the peak already. It had a good run for more than a hundred years, and the debts it has built up is too heavy to sustain by tax and other revenue. It is like a rusty submarine with leaks springing everywhere and desperate patches all over the place. How soon before the leaks sinks the submarine? Maybe all it needs is the first shot to sink the dilapidated rustbucket?

    Same with the fact as an “old dinosaur” of a corporation, it is going to go into extinction compared with the nimble, enterprising, low costs, creative, young up and coming corporations, if it doesn’t restructure, transform, re-invent, or innovate itself. This diktat is self evident on the companies listed on Wall Street’s stock exchanges. And that’s the truth of the matter with USA Inc. too and with any other country on this planet. For Amerika Inc. to rejuvnate itself, it really needs to to sack ts entire “Board of Directors” at the Senate and Congress, and the neo-Nazi necons in the Executive in the Black House and wherever they may be found in the Government departments, ministeries and agencies. This management has brought Amerika to where it is today. Instead of professional management, we have a bunch of neo Nazi thugs and fascists running the “Corporation”. Be honest, Washington, blame yourself for your mismanagement. You are where you are because of your mismanagement. Image is only so much.

    The other fact of course is the irreversible geographical and economic fact that EurAsia is EurAsia and the countries on it are going to gravitate to the new countries on it that are going to grow into large industrial and trading nations. And this means China, Russia, and perhaps Iran and India. There is little USA Inc. can do to stop that trend, TTP or no TTIP. Erudite rational bureaucrats, aristocrats in Japan, Korea, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, and even some Gulf states know that. So what use is Washington and the Black House trying to do hoping to start a global conflict? If it does so, it is irrational and a menace to the rest of Mankind and will be put down. The gentlemanly British knew when to give up their Empire despite their power, knowledge and civilization. Does Washington intends to pursue the path of Nazi Germany or General Tojo’s Japan?

    If the Americans are indeed the true baton carriers of the “British Civilization”, let them demonstrate once more they are indeed people of substance and that when push come to a shove, the neo Nazis in Washington will be removed by a presumably powerless people they hold sway over. But only if that is demonstrated.


  4. joe says:

    Did the USA get screwed in most of the other wars since Korea? They declared Mission Accomplished then moved on. Gen. Mark Milley simply read the history of past wars and projected to the future.


  5. Joseph says:

    No kidding. Even against Chinese ragtag armies in the Korean War, the US was beaten into submission in real war. Gone was the myth that the American was invincible, fabricated after their victory against weakened Japan in 1945. Even against weakened Japan, their victory was achieved with outrageously large casualties on both sides despite overwhelming firepower and soldiers. In the Vietnam War, they didn’t fare better either. Traditional cowards, the American would rely on overwhelming military power to overkill their victims for potential easy victory, such as weakened Iraq and weakened imperial Japan in the end of WWII. Against China and Russia, the best chance the US has was to rely on traitors and collaborators who would wage guerrilla warfare from inside in the name of the American, such as the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. With patriotism runs all-time high in China and Russia, the chance of recruiting traitors from within falls to practically zero. They may have that blind lawyer to fight or recruit more traitors, but he only concerns himself and would recruit more collaborators only to seek asylum in the US. Even in Syria, where they thought they had the upper hand, loyalty to the American was just a mere myth. Not just a bulk of collaborators turned against the American to create ISIS, but the remaining of loyal collaborators immediately switched side under intense Russian bombings. Once the American lost strategic and geopolitical advantages, there’s no point to follow the American anymore.

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  6. Steve says:

    In the first place, the US are already screwed up for illegal wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now propagating another illegitimate war in the SCS. In a conventional war the US, not only face high risk against the Russian and Chinese military, but zero hopelessness. The General says that the US military is not at an appropriate level to defend it’s nation and people. What defence? If the US stop inciting wars and invading sovereign countries, there is no need for self defence. But, will there be a storm in the horizon, if the results of the Hague Arbitration votes in favour of the opposition?

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