China Solved Difficult Pneumatic Problems for Hypersonic Flying Vehicles

Deng Xiaogang, China's top wind tunnel expert

Deng Xiaogang, China’s top wind tunnel expert

Wind tunnel test is most important for a flying vehicle. Without such test, it is impossible to develop a successful advanced aircraft such as large airliner, fighter jet or other warplanes. It is certainly indispensable for whatever hypersonic flying vehicle whether without or with engine such as a scramjet.

Deng Xiaogang is China’s scientist who has always been in the forefront of the science and technology for top wind tunnels. He has made key contributions in China’s development of hypersonic flying vehicles.

He is in charge of the development of high precision numerical tunnel for China’s aircrafts and hypersonic flying vehicles. For such tunnel, the research team under his leadership has solved the very difficult pneumatic issues by the development of the derivative calculation principle for symmetrical conservation network, hypersonic aerodynamic numerical simulation software platform, etc.

Source: PLA Daily “China Has Solved Key Pneumatic Problems for Advanced Fighers, Hypersonic Flying Vehicle” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. Steve says:

    Looks like China’s Golden years of Hypersonic flying vehicles and Advanced Aircraft achievement is about to enter a new phase of development.