Speculation of J-20 in Service Soon as 200 Sets of Key Parts Ordered

New photo of low flying J-20

New photo of low flying J-20

According to mil.news.sina.com.cn’s report, the official website of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp (CASIC) published the news on March 17 that 4 kinds of 2D electromagnetic change valves developed by a factory under its Henan Branch has successfully passed finalization appraisal and tests. The factory has received order to deliver 200 sets of such valves within this year.

As the valves are key parts of the hydraulic ejectors for ejecting missile from inside J-20, there is speculation that such a large order means that quite a few J-20s will be made and perhaps commissioned within this year.

Only stealth fighter jets need such ejectors to eject missiles from inside and then ignited outside the fighter jets. Missiles hanged on non-stealth fighter jets’ wings leaves the wing with the force of their rockets when ignited.

The valves may also be used by J-31 stealth fighters, but unlike J-20 that is directly developed by the state, no one has placed any order for J-31 and there has not been information that it has passed finalization tests. Therefore, all the 200 sets must be ordered for mass production of J-20.

Source: mil.news.sina.com.cn “J-20 fighter jet will soon be commissioned: 200 sets of its suspected key parts have to be delivered this year” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)