A hundred Chinese boats encroach in Malaysian waters: minister

About 100 Chinese fishing boats have been detected encroaching in Malaysia’s waters in the disputed South China Sea, Malaysia’s state news agency and a coastguard official said on Friday.

The reported encroachment on Thursday is the latest action by Chinese vessels to raise concern in Southeast Asia, where four countries object to China’s claim to virtually the whole of the South China Sea.

Malaysia’s national security minister Shahidan Kassim said assets from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and the navy have been sent to the area near the Luconia Shoals to monitor the situation, the Bernama news agency reported.

Shahidan did not specify what type of Chinese vessels had been spotted but a Maritime Enforcement Agency official said they were fishing boats guarded by two Chinese coastguard vessels.

China claims most of the South China Sea through which about $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. Its Southeast Asian neighbours Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, also claim parts of the sea, as does Taiwan.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, asked about the Malaysian report at a briefing on Friday, said he did not “understand the details” of what Malaysia had said.

“Now is the fishing season in the South China Sea … At this time of year, every year, Chinese trawlers are in the relevant waters carrying out normal fishing activities,” Hong said. He did not elaborate.

Shahidan said Malaysia would take legal action if the boats were found to have trespassed into its exclusive economic zone, Bernama cited him as saying.

The Malaysian maritime agency official said three of its boats were monitoring the Chinese fleet.

“Our orders are not to provoke them in any way,” said the official who declined to be identified as he is not authorised to speak to media.

This week, Indonesia protested to China about an incident involving an Indonesian patrol boat, and a Chinese coastguard vessel and fishing boat in what Indonesia said was its waters.

China has said its vessels were operating in its fishing grounds and its coastguard vessel did not enter Indonesian waters.

Indonesia is not embroiled in the rival claims and has instead seen itself as an “honest broker”.

China says it is committed to resolving the disputes but only via bilateral talks. Speaking at a conference in China, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin repeated that position.

“We rarely see multilateral negotiations are able to resolve complex and sensitive territorial and maritime boundary disputes,” Liu said, according to a transcript provided by China’s foreign ministry.

(Reporting by Rozanna Latiff in Kuala Lumpur and Ben Blanchard in Beijing; Editing by Robert Birsel)

Source: Reuters “A hundred Chinese boats encroach in Malaysian waters: minister”



7 Comments on “A hundred Chinese boats encroach in Malaysian waters: minister”

  1. chin kwai laan says:

    According to the latest news report there are no Chinese fishing boats in Malaysian waters.


    • Steve says:

      Appreciate your news – According to report, the Chinese fishing fleet was only encroaching, but not necessarily fishing in Malaysian waters. There were 3 Malaysian maritime boats monitoring the Chinese fleet to prevent trespassing into Malaysia’s EEZ.

      Does it mean the earlier report was false that there were no Chinese fishing boats at all or are there Chinese fishing boats encroaching just outside the EEZ.


  2. Steve says:

    Since two weeks ago, Malaysia has changed it’s bilateral stance on negotiation with China, instead seek support from Australia to push back China’s ‘Aggressive territorial claims’. Looks like the can of sardines have gone rotten and as a counter measure, China provided coastguard protection to 100 Chinese fishing boats ‘encroaching’ on Malaysian waters. I would say it is a timely invasion of Chinese fishing fleet (probably including underwater detection surveillance on board 1 or 2 boats). 100 fishing boats in a secluded boundary is by no means a small collection of boats. Hopefully, there is enough fish stock left for the Malaysians.

    China has long established a unilateral claim on the 9 dash line. Therefore, the only feasible way around is by bilateral negotiations to resolve maritime territorial disputes. Multilateral negotiations is just simply not workable unless it is a trade union dispute.


  3. Joseph says:

    Ironic that Malaysian fishing boats are one of the most apprehended without liscence in Indonesian waters along with Vietnamese and Filipino fishing boats. And they were caught deep inside Indonesian archipelago, not in the border where Indonesia had incidents with China recently.


  4. Fu Man-Chu says:


    I see the CIA hand in this. Wonder how much Shahidan Kassim received to sensationalize what may not be fact since Malaysian authorities seems to be contradicting Shahidan Kassim in the Malaysian papers. As someone once said, “here’s no such thing as co-incidence, only the illusion of co-incidence”.

    And the Amerikans have, since the beginning of this year, have been ramping up their propaganda – lies and BS – against Russia, China and their allies – massively. Without question, there’s plenty of CIA dirty money sloshing around South East Asia lately. Ambitious, opportunist, greedy and corrupt politicians in multi-party political systems are especially prone to Amerikan manipulation under such settings.


    • Joseph says:

      I don’t know anything about Malaysian Kassim, but Indonesian Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti is a known ardent American supporter in Indonesian Cabinet. She is known for her taste for White husbands, with preference of White Americans. She is an American green card holder with daughter currently living and working in the US, some say for American government. So far, she had acted professionally and done a good job and given limited naval assets to help clamping down illegal fishing within Indonesian archipelago. However, late last week she instructed those naval assets far north off sea border of Natuna to catch some Chinese fishing boats, triggering the incident with China. In Indonesia, many asked why would she do it. This all went against instructions of Indonesian Security Minister Luhut Panjaitan to limit naval activity on Natuna to vigilant patrol only, in light of the American stepper up provocation in SCS. Indonesia just didn’t want to get involved. Despite filling official protest, Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla told her to settle the matter quietly. Instead, against instructions Susi went to television in fury for press conference causing confusion. No one was impressed, Susi’s Americanism was well known in Indonesia and considered it as one of her often controversies. But now, a little known Malaysian minister also making a fuzz about Chinese fishing boats. It looks to me like some coordinated conspiracy is going on. It’s odd enough a minister of one country going rogue, but a minister of another country is going rogue about the same time is no coincidence. It looks like a major conspiracy to destabilize the region is underway. I just hope that we in the region don’t have to pay for another American diabolical malice.


      • Steve says:

        Sounds like Playgirl Susi (how many white husbands). Often enough individual ministers draw the limelight upon themselves looking good. Instead of Uniformity within government, Ministers often practise Conformity to their own belief.

        It is said that when it comes to Geopolitical matters, the Malays of Indonesia and Malaysia are often at a Loss.