China’s plan to catch up with its left-behind children

More than 200 million of China’s rural people have moved to work as migrant workers in urban areas. According to the estimate in SCMP’s report “China’s plan to catch up with its left-behind children”, they have brought 36 million of their children to urban areas but left behind 60 million back at home in rural areas.

SCMP says, “Left-behind children, who are often taken care of by their grandparents, or in some cases simply abandoned, have roused growing public attention as they are ­frequently involved in suicides, accidents and incidents of juvenile delinquency.

As a result, Chinese “authorities are for the first time counting the number of rural children left behind by parents who moved to work in cities” and “27 ministries would soon begin participating in a joint conference on how best to care for left-behind children.”

Source: SCMP “China’s plan to catch up with its left-behind children”, full text of which can be viewed at


One Comment on “China’s plan to catch up with its left-behind children”

  1. Steve says:

    Sadly, with such an intense rich Chinese culture, China has neglected it’s duties and responsibilities on Pseudo-humanistic values of rural citizens that requires the most attention. In fact, history has proven many of these neglected citizens died of starvation, diseases and poverty, especially during the Mao era where millions died with his great leap into the cauldron of death.

    However, it is heartening and joyful to know that China, as the world’s second largest economy are taking appropriate measures in addressing this dreadful problem. I sincerely hope that these initiatives will be highly successful in alleviating child abuse, neglect and to instil duty of care among parents to children and siblings. Good thing Confucianism has been revived to expound the teaching of filiality, kindness and morality, at least the foundation of humanism is being propagated.