China Capable of Developing, Making Strategic Bombers

US B-2 strategic bomber

US B-2 strategic bomber reporter Liu Kun says in his report today that China is provided with the following three major conditions for making strategic bombers:

1. The demand for such bombers. Since the US is developing long range strike bomber B21 to bomb Beijing, China certainly needs something to respond

2. The technology. China is now developing Y-20 large transport and C919 airliner smoothly, it may obtain the technology for large bombers in the course of the development of large transports and airliners.

The greatest problem is the engines for the bomber. China is now developing WS-18 turbofan for large aircrafts.

China’s success in developing J-20 stealth fighter jet will enable China to make its strategic bombers hard to detect.

3. The 100 billion yuan (US$17 billion) fund for the development is by no means too much for China.

Since China is capable of building stealth strategic bombers, the mystic bomber China may have been developing will perhaps suddenly emerge to surprise everyone.

Source: “What is difficult for China’s development of strategic bomber? Three major conditions for the development have been satisfied” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


3 Comments on “China Capable of Developing, Making Strategic Bombers”

  1. You’ve awesome information in this article


  2. jeffrey says:

    More BS chinese propaganda …. When has china developed anything of it’s own… Whole world knows that chinese are thieves


  3. Steve says:

    If indeed true, this will be the mother of all surprises – a long range stealth bomber emerged on a test runway.