China: No Optimistic Prospects for Cross-Strait Relations

The landslide victory of pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in recent Taiwan presidential and parliament elections has given rise to worries about possible tension across Taiwan Strait. Now, according to Reuters report “Taiwan angers China by releasing 20 deported telecom fraud suspects”, not only the pro-independence DPP but also the pro-Beijing KMT that will remain in power till May, is doing something to anger Beijing. There seems to be no optimistic prospects for Cross-strait relations.

Comments by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters report “Taiwan angers China by releasing 20 deported telecom fraud suspects”, full text of which is set forth below:

Taiwan angers China by releasing 20 deported telecom fraud suspects

Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:53pm EDT

Taiwan angered Beijing on Saturday by freeing 20 suspects in a telecom fraud case linked to China that has put more pressure on the sensitive relationship between the two countries.

Malaysia had deported the 20 people, who were part of a group of 53 Taiwanese arrested there in March on suspicion of fraud, according to the Taipei foreign ministry.

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan spokesman Sun Lih-chyun told Reuters there was no legal reason to detain them.

“The evidence is not with us. It is with China,” he said, noting that Taipei has been talking to Chinese counterparts on the matter so investigations can begin on the self-ruled island.

The decision was not welcomed by China.

“By releasing the suspects, Taiwan authorities disregarded many victims’ interests and harmed them a second time. It also harmed the two sides’ cooperation in jointly cracking down on crimes,” state-run Xinhua quoted An Fengshan, the Chinese State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman, as saying.

Taiwan should give the suspects “the punishment they deserve”, An was quoted by the news agency as saying.

In a statement issued Saturday, Taiwan’s cabinet said that the government would not shield people suspected of crime and that it had instructed the Ministry of Justice to gather information for investigation.

Taiwan’s justice ministry sent a formal letter requesting China’s public security bureau to provide information on the crime once it knew the 20 suspected Taiwanese were returning to Taiwan from Malaysia, the statement said.

Separately, Taiwan has objected to the forcible deportation of more than 40 Taiwanese people to China from Kenya also on suspicion of telecom fraud.

China’s Ministry of Public Security says Taiwanese people have been heavily involved in telecom fraud in China and had caused huge losses, with some victims killing themselves.

Taiwanese criminals “have been falsely presenting themselves as law enforcement officers to extort money from people on the Chinese mainland through telephone calls”, its has said.

(Reporting by John Ruwitch in SHANGHAI and J.R. Wu in TAIPEI; Editing by Louise Ireland)


2 Comments on “China: No Optimistic Prospects for Cross-Strait Relations”

  1. Sentinel says:


    With Imperial Washington now ramping up its aggression against China and wishing to continue to maintain that military noose around China’s neck since the day of Mr Parry and his black ships arrived on East Asia’s shores, expect Taipei and Taiwan now to fast-track efforts against re-unification even more now. Naturally Washington is behind this change in Taipei and Ms Tsai & gang’s stance. They are probably already emboldened by the overtures and encouragement from Washington via their embassy in Taipei.

    All developments point to war with Imperial Washington, Tokyo, Manila and Hanoi; A war China and Chinese cannot avoid since Imperial Washington wants to maintain its military threat and dominance over East Asia and feels therefore the need to pacify or control China and Chinese as its vassal.

    What you”re gonna do Mr XI?

    I think its time to sign that Alliance treaty with President Putin and Russia. An attack on one is an attack on the other. Imperial Washington under the Neo Nazis and the lame duck Obama, has EVERY intention to rule the world and if conquering Russia and China is necessary, they intend, most recklessly and insanely, to do so.


  2. Steve says:

    This provincial islanders are throwing tantrums like a kid brother acting tough. These suspects are racketeers – an organised crime offering dishonest service to mislead and cheat citizens for financial gains. With hardly any foreign relations, this is a good opportunity for the two Pros to sit down with Mainland for a liaison. What better time for a cross strait communication in order to facilitate a close working relationship. Politics aside, Chinese people need to get along.