China Has Brunei’s Support for Bilateral Negotiation to Solve South Sea Dispute

Wang Yion in rejecting Philippines' arbitration

Wang Yi on rejecting Philippines’ arbitration

SCMP says in its report “China woos rival claimant Brunei as it seeks allies ahead of tribunal ruling on territorial disputes in South China Sea”, “Foreign Minister Wang Yi says the small nation shares Beijing’s view that disputes should be resolved through direct negotiations. An international tribunal is due to rule shortly on territorial claims in the disputed region”.

Perhaps so, but China has always been making efforts to bring contending claimants to negotiation table including the Philippines. Reuters mentioned five contending claimants: Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei.

In fact, Taiwan is by no means a contending claimant as its claims as it is the Republic of China while China’s claim is based on the claim it inherits from the Republic of China.

Both Malaysia and Brunei accept China’s view while Vietnam has been carrying out bilateral negotiations with China; therefore, what Wang Yi said has nothing to do with the international arbitration and China will just ignore the arbitration award whatever it will be.

The SCMP report does not seem to really understand the situation.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP report, full text of which can be viewed at


One Comment on “China Has Brunei’s Support for Bilateral Negotiation to Solve South Sea Dispute”

  1. Joseph says:

    Rather than rely on clueless faraway news sources like the Reuters, it’s better for SCMP to find the source of news locally. Singapore’s Channel News Asia is far more reliable and adequate. Brunei has been China’s ally for a long time, even far longer than Indonesia becoming closer to China. China doesn’t need to ‘woo’ support from Brunei on SCS, they already have it and never lost it. Despite Western ‘reporting’ that Brunei is a participants of SCS dispute along with Phillipines, Brunei never really makes a fuzz about it. After all, the extremely wealthy Brunei royal family has been demonised as Western public enemies for a long time, since they refused to be blackmailed by Western prostitutes they hired, accusing them of White ‘slavery’. As usual, the West would hope that Brunei would give in to those prostitutes to save face on Western public perspective, but those prostitutes never received a cent more other than payment for their services. Really, what is it about the Westerners always thinking that they have the upper hand because Asian only cares about saving face.