An Asia without US! China and Russia are winning over Japan for that

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida (L) shakes hands with China's Premier Li Keqiang during a meeting at Zhongnanhai in Beijing, China, April 30, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida (L) shakes hands with China’s Premier Li Keqiang during a meeting at Zhongnanhai in Beijing, China, April 30, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee

When China’s Xi Jinping made great efforts to win over Russia as its ally to counter the US after US pivot to Asia, Russia though responded favorably but was making great efforts to improve ties with Japan because Russia is afraid that China may become a threat when it grows too strong. A Russian-Japanese alliance may be strong enough to counter China.

Chinese leaders have been clever enough to make Russia believe that China will be Russia’s friend instead of threat and has thus gradually built mutual trust with Russia.

The Chinese-Russian alliance have certainly been helped by the US due to US efforts to exclude Russia from Ukraine and the Middle East and interference with China’s disputes with its neighbors in the South China Sea. Japan’s participation in US sanctions against Russia has frustrated Russian President Putin’s efforts to improve ties with Japan.

Now, China and Russia have established a de facto Cold War camp against the US and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) controlled by China and Russia has now taken South Asia in addition to Central Asia as both India and Pakistan have joined SCO.

For the Chinese-Russian Cold War camp, its priority now is to take East Asia, i.e. Japan and South Korea. If it succeeds in doing so, the United States will be driven out of Asia.

For South Korea, it is very easy. If neither China nor Russia supports North Korea, North Korea’s Kim Dynasty will not be able to survive stringent sanctions initiated by the US. If Kim Dynasty has collapsed, South Korea will easily annex North Korea. Then there is no need for South Korea to depend on the US to resist the threat from North Korea.

For Japan, China can provide Japan with its huge market. The large number of Chinese tourists who traveled to Japan each year alone is attractive enough, let alone the ever growing Chinese middle class who covet Japanese quality goods with advanced technology. The US is the only formidable competitor with Japan for Chinese market of such goods; therefore, Japan will be greatly benefited if the US is driven out of the Chinese market.

Japan is now close to the US because of its fear of the rising China that may retaliate what it suffered from Japanese invasion in the past. China has to let bygone be bygone and try hard to make Japan believe it has no intention to be Japan’s enemy. Building up mutual trust is difficult, but Chinese leaders, if wise, shall make long-term great efforts to win Japan’s trust.

Judging by Reuters report “China, Japan more upbeat on ties but challenges remain” about Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s warm reception of Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, Chinese leaders are making efforts in that direction.

Russia on the other hand can offer Japan the opportunity to take part in Russia’s development of Siberia where there are rich natural resources indispensable for Japan. Russian President Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Abe are now making efforts to resume their negotiations to improve ties.

Neither, Japan, India, Korea nor Russia has to rely on the US for their security in Asia in the face of a rising China. If China has become a threat, Russia, Japan, India and Korea combined are strong enough to counter China. None of them needs to rely on the US.

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4 Comments on “An Asia without US! China and Russia are winning over Japan for that”

  1. Joseph says:

    No doubt as a resourceless country, Japan must find new master. After all, that’s was the reason they invade China and SE Asia during WW2. And they already resorted to dump their own excess people to the US, South America and SE Asia on the early 19th century. While the American occupation provided what they needed in the expense of their dignity, all good things must come to an end. With the American departure, they will simply revert back to old Japan before American commodore Perry forced them to open up. It was a good and peaceful world, though. After all there would be no more American troops to rape their women, unless they enjoyed being raped. I don’t see the logic of China or Russia would want a resourceless country like Japan. Even people from Russia and China has proven to be more intelligent than Japanese for talent pools.


  2. Simon says:

    Japan must be crushed and annexed by China to be peace in East Asia. Already Japanese population is getting old and falling. Japan already relies on foreign workers especially Chinese workers keeping its factories alive doing the work that Japanese would not do. China’s rise will mean Japan decline. There will come a time when Japanese goods are not good enough to compete against Chinese goods even at the same price, the best people will leave to work in China and the Japan will decline because there is no future.


    • Joseph says:

      For thousands of years the Wa kingdom that presently known as Japan never posed a threat to China. Even their 15th century to invade the mainland via Korea failed miserably. There is no need to crush or annex Japan to maintain peace. Left alone, they will return to their insignificant self. What China must do is to restore its old vassal kingdom of Liu Chiu, also known as Ryukyu, which is presently occupied by Japan. For centuries, the Liu Chiu served as a buffer to keep the Japanese in check. The Liu Chiu people are still feeling oppressed by the Japanese and the American occupying Okinawa. They would welcome the chance to gain their independence.


  3. Steve says:

    But, but ,but, First and No Second – the Japanese need to return Diaoyu Island to China in order to gain CHinese Trust. And in doing so, the Japanese will be wise to apologise for the Atrocities of Invasion. To be a normal nation, the Japanese Government need to put it’s citizens first and foremost and the best way is to repent sincerely. There is no other way, without it the lingering sore may still manifest. With apology and repentance, China and Japan may in the future be brothers in arms supporting each other and both economies strongly intertwined and well supported.

    Don’t you think a compassionate apology and repentance by far outweigh bygone be bygone? To a divorced couple bygones are best because they no longer share the same bed, but Japan and China need to accommodate each others economy and security. It is said that what comes out of he human mouth is deadlier than a sharpened knife and this is the problem with Abe and his cronies. Only the human mouth can convey kindness and compassion. Return Diaoyu Island and Apologies. All it needs is the Mouth.