China Surpasses US in HGV to Develop Prompt Strike Aerospace Bomber

The U.S.-made Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2). Credit: DARPA

The U.S.-made Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2). Credit: DARPA

US think tank Jamestown Foundation published on April 21 US China military experts’ article on Chinese hypersonic flying vehicles titled “Chinese Hypersonic Weapons Development” that gives quite detailed information about China’s hypersonic gliding vehicle (HGV). The article concludes:

Based on an analysis of China’s HGV development, the authors speculate that the PRC’s main priority for the DF-ZF is to bypass regional BMD.

The region they mean is the East Asian Region; therefore, they believe that China’s development of hypersonic technology does not constitute a threat to the US.

That is because of their lack of information about China’s progress in developing such technology as they have not been able to fully and timely monitor China’s domestic media.

This blogger provides information about China’s most recent developments of its weapons and weapon technology for the purpose that US decision makers will not underestimate China and go into war with China recklessly so that the US may not repeat its disastrous defeat by Chinese troops in early 1950.

China’s test of HGV is first of all aimed at testing the materials and structure for hypersonic flying vehicles.

In March, Tan Yonghua, head of No. 6 Research Institute under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) revealed that China is developing hypersonic aerospace aircraft in an interview with China’s Science and Technology Daily when he attended NPC.

He said for such an aircraft, there must be combined use of aircraft engine at low speed and scramjet at high speed in the atmosphere and rocket in near space.

According to him, China has successfully developed Mach 4.5 scramjet and it is hopeful for China’s next scramjet to reach the speed of Mach 7 to 10.

It is sad that US experts reveal in the article their ignorance of China’s progress in scramjet technology and China’s goal in testing HGV. Their article says that China has recently announced that it is now the second country to possess scramjet technology and that China showed its interest in scramjet in giving award to Wang Zhengou, the developer of China’s scramjet.

However, they are ignorant that China has tested an aircraft using scramjet to fly at Mach 4.5 for hours.

I have provided the information in my posts “The Mystery of China’s Hypersonic Flying Vehicle” on September 27, 2015 and “China Successful Test Flight of Mach 4.5 Aircraft Using New Scramjet” on March 17, 2016.

China will have hypersonic aerospace aircraft when its next-generation scramjet reaches the speed of Mach 7-10. By that time, China’s hypersonic aerospace bomber will become a reality. Such a hypersonic flying vehicle will bypass US missile and air defense instead of regional BMD! Beware of that!

Remember, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Chinese air force headquarters, he told them to step up the development of integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense.

Aerospace bomber will precisely be the weapon with such capabilities.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Jamestown’s article “Chinese Hypersonic Weapons Development”, full text of which can be viewed at

3 Comments on “China Surpasses US in HGV to Develop Prompt Strike Aerospace Bomber”

  1. alking1957 says:

    Why bother trying to inform stupid Exceptionalists of the capability of china? Its not like they will thank you for your efforts! If they want to be reckless and be defeated, let them, that is how it should be!


  2. Steve says:

    Excellent News on China’s recent success in it’s superior development of HGV to surpass the US for a Global Prompt Strike Aerospace Bomber. Since the latest test is an overwhelming success at testing materials and structures for hypersonic flying vehicles, the next procedure should be just a formality to reach speed of mach 7 to 10. As soon as the next iteration is successful in bypassing US Missile and air defence with speed of mach 7 to 10, the US military supremacy is Doggone. Instead, the US and allies in Asia will suddenly become the Container and the Containment.

    What is surprising at Taiwan’s recent investments of BMD besides Japan and South Korea. I can understand the latter two countries, but Taiwan.? Isn’t easier for Taiwan to raise both it’s hands up and unify with the mainland.