China: Anti-US Red Songs Good, Pro-Cultural Revolution Ones Bad

An image of the show performed in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on May 2. Photo: SCMP Pictures

An image of the show performed in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on May 2. Photo: SCMP Pictures

I said in my comments yesterday on the controversial Monday red song concert that praised the Cultural Revolution and promoted hatred against the US that one of the organizers of the concert cheated the others by claiming that he came from an office of the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that did not exist.

SCMP describes the national fury against the concert for its praising of the Cultural Revolution in its follow-up report titled “Accusations fly thick and fast over Chinese cultural group’s Cultural Revolution ‘red songs’ concert” today.

However, SCMP says in the report that Chen Guang the head of the concert’s major organizer, the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre directly under the Ministry of Culture, denied that the concert was aimed at praising the Cultural Revolution. He was quoted as saying “There were nearly 6,000 people in the audience. No one would have linked it to the Cultural Revolution.”

Why then would the 6,000 people paid 128 yuan (USD20) each to attend the concert? According to Chen, “It was a patriotic show from the bottom of [our] hearts and exuded ‘positive energy’.”

How patriotic? Singing the anti-American song under the slogan “Whole world should unite to defeat the American invaders and their lackeys”? No one has protested that and the 6,000 people paid 128 yuan to hear the US denounced. 128 yuan is not an insignificant sum given that the average wage is 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. Chen said. “We don’t know why it triggered such a controversy?” as he believes that none of the 6,000 people in the audience would have linked the concert to the Cultural Revolution.

Yes, they do not come to see the Cultural Revolution praised but to denounce the United States. Correct? If so, I can safely say that there is common anti-American mentality among Chinese people perhaps due to what the US has been doing in the South China Sea to oppose China’s historical claim.

On the other hand, according to SCMP’s report on May 6 titled “Half of Americans still see China’s rise as threat, survey suggests”, Pew Research Center finds in its survey on April 4 to 19, half of Americans continue to see China’s rise as threat.

China does not seem to want to stop its rise and is promoting anti-American mentality while the majority of American people regard China’s rise as a threat. Will there be a war between the US and China?

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3 Comments on “China: Anti-US Red Songs Good, Pro-Cultural Revolution Ones Bad”

  1. Joseph says:

    I don’t seen what is wrong with anti-American sentiment. The American has been promoting anti-Communism, anti-Chinese, anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, anti-Hispanic and so on and so on. It is time someone do this kind of thing back to them. Why are the American lovers so afraid? Is it because anti-Americanism is so popular. 6000 people paid to be anti-American, instead of being paid to be collaborators. That must be disturbing sign for those American lovers. The cultural revolution are dead and buried. But the American threat is not. In fact, the American is busy hijacking every news outlets in the region against China, forcing their version on top of regional actual news and opinions. So why a mere concert is a problem? It only inspired patriotism, and not American-style anarchy. They do have the right to express themselves. Considering the behavior of the American, anti-American sentiment is understandable. Had the American not been behaving so bad, there no cause for anti-Americanism. In short, they brought it upon themselves.


  2. Simon says:

    American ant China? Look no further than Hollywood.


  3. Steve says:

    The Cultural Revolution is the most disgusting ideological sociopolitical movement in China’s modern history from 1966 after Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward into the Cauldron of destruction and persecution. Historical relics, Cultural and Religious Sites ransacked and destroyed. Chinese in China and throughout the world should realise the movement paralysed China politically and significantly declined the country’s economy and society. There was wide spread poverty and famine. It is highly irresponsible to promote and praise any form of pro cultural revolution songs and ideas. It’s downright embarrassing.

    Antiyankeeism is just a derogatory term to show disrespectfulness towards negative behaviour of the US. This can be classified as ‘Anti US Hawks.’ No difference to the US loudmouth towards China