Taiwanese Group Intervenes in South China Sea Arbitration

Taiwan’s single holding of Itu Aba is the biggest feature in the Spratlys and the one some analysts believe has the strongest claim to island status and an economic zone. Photo: Reuters

Taiwan’s single holding of Itu Aba is the biggest feature in the Spratlys and the one some analysts believe has the strongest claim to island status and an economic zone. Photo: Reuters

SCMP says in its report “Taiwanese group intervenes in South China Sea court battle”, “A Taiwanese group has intervened in the Philippines’ international court case against Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea, pressing Taipei’s position that Taiwan is entitled to a swathe of the disputed waterway as an economic zone.”

Siding with Western media, SCMP has always tended to regarding Taipei as another country that contends with Beijing for sovereignty over islands, reefs and sea areas in the South China Sea. It is ignorant that Chinese people’s tradition of following Confucius’ teachings.

Confucius says “Brothers quarrelling at home join forces against attacks from without”.

When Beijing is attacked by the Philippines by arbitration in Hague, Taipei as Beijing’s brother comes out to help Beijing. It is in fact not the first time that Taiwan people fight by the side of China in protecting Chinese people’s interests.

When Taiwanese activists for Taipei’s claim to the Diaoyu Islands landed on the Diaoyu in the past, they raised not only the flag of the Republic of China (Taipei’s flag) but also the flag of the People’s Republic of China (Beijing’s flag).

SCMP said that the group submitted its statement to the arbitration court to refute Philippines’ argument in the arbitration that no reefs, atolls or islets in the Spratly archipelago can legally be considered islands, and therefore cannot bestow rights to an 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone.

It cites in its statement various government reports and statements as evidence, to prove “it is clear that Taiping Island (also known as Itu Aba) is an island which can sustain human habitation and economic life of its own under….UNCLOS.”

According to SCMP, the group Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law is linked with Taiwan government.

Not only the group, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou staged a high-profile visit to the Taiping Island in late January and showed reporters drinkable water from a well there to prove that the island is habitable.

SCMP quotes a Singaporean expert as saying that it was significant that judges of the arbitration court has consented to review Taiwan’s arguments to show its impartiality even though Taiwan is not a UN member.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be viewed at http://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/1943099/taiwanese-group-intervenes-south-china-sea-court-battle


3 Comments on “Taiwanese Group Intervenes in South China Sea Arbitration”

  1. Nanyang-Loong says:

    Arbitration cannot be a one party process. The word “arbitration” itself means two consenting party agreeing to resolve a dispute with the help of a third party. If one party does not agree to it, there is no “arbitration”. As such, the third party is irrelevant. The Permanent Court of Arbitration cannot arbitrarily inject itself into such a dispute if not invited to.

    This Philippines petition for arbitration is a total farce with the connivance of the US and the Permanent Court of Arbitration, not to mention the Washington controlled mass medias.

    Beijing need not say too much except say the whole “process” is a farce and a charade. Manila and Washington are nothing more than charlatans. A shame that a court like this PCA lowers itself by allowing itself to be used in this manner. Then again, nothing surprises since it is Washington’s avowed aim and strategy to control and “manage” all global and international institutions and bodies. In other words, the decisions, tesults and/or verdict of any such Western aligned bodies are not worth the names they ascribed to themselves. In truth they are like the worthless toilet paper US dollar once stripped of their cover.

    just quietly and firmly stand your ground Beijing. Let the iron fist beneath your velvet glove do the talking. The time for half measures is over. Arrest and detain hostile American and Filipino warships in your territorial waters. They can either surrender peacefully or cause an international incident. Bring your TV crews and journalists along to beam to the world. Bring RT and Press TV journalists and broadcasters along.


  2. Simon says:

    the arbitration means nothing anyway because China refuse to recognise it. A gwailo court cannot make decisions over Chinese territories.


  3. Steve says:

    Blood is Thicker than Water…..Blood Nourishes Brotherhood, Water Washes Away Filth. There is Unity within Diversity…….Come Home Brother and have some traditional Hot Chinese Broth cooked with Seafood from the SCS.