China Able to Break US Anti-sub Net, Sink Japan’s Sōryū-class Subs

Chinese warships in the drill

Chinese warships in the anti-submarine drill

China’s carries Santi Junshi (Military)’s report on China’s recent large-scale anti-submarine drill with all China’s main force warships. The report says that the drill aims at giving Japan the message that its Sōryū-class Submarines are easy targets for Chinese anti-submarines weapons.

In addition, the report says that in 2011, a Chinese nuclear submarine successfully broke US-Japanese anti-submarine net to go near Japan’s rocket base at Kagoshima. According to US think tank Rand Corporation, the incident proved that the anti-submarine net that Japan and the US had incurred huge costs to build is useless and Japan and the US have to spend billions of dollars to upgrade the net. Otherwise, if there is a war, Chinese submarines will be able to enter Japanese port stealthily to sink all Japanese and US warships there.

Source: “China suddenly announces concentration of the main force of its three fleets: The unprecedented intrepid move makes Japan dare not act rashly” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “China Able to Break US Anti-sub Net, Sink Japan’s Sōryū-class Subs”

  1. Joseph says:

    No problem. The American will just find an excuse to bill the Japs to build more ‘effective’ and certainly more expensive net. Isn’t that the message this Rand Corporation tried to send to the Japs? Logically, the anti sub net is hard and costly to maintain. Without knowing enemy capabilities, the effectiveness of such technology is only limited to their own sub tech. The American sub tech was known to be always lacking of the Russian. Even the new much propagandanized US Virginia-class is obsolete in many ways to Russian Borei-class, and the US doesn’t even have a slightest clue of what Chinese type-095 and type-096 can do. Chinese and Russian collaborators and defectors/traitors are after all not as easy to come by as they used to.


  2. Steve says:

    This is an incredible development and anti submarine strategy by the PLA strategist. The PLA actually broke a combined US/Japan anti submarine net worth billions of dollars. To be able to do this and easily sink Soryu Subs, US and Japanese warships clearly prove that the China’s PLA has a very long sleeve of advanced technologies. This is a shock to the US/Japanese naval strategist…It’s Amazing.