J-20 Superior to F-35 Causes US to Resume F-22 Production

US F-22 production line

US F-22 production line

China's J-20

China’s J-20

J-20 is designed as a heavy stealth fighter jet to grab air dominance from F-22; therefore, it must be better than F-35, the light stealth fighter jet that the US is developing and producing. As a heavy fighter jet, like F-22 it is able to carry heavier engines, better radar, more fuel and heavier weapons; therefore, according to mil.news.sina.com.cn’s report, it is superior to F-35 in the following three aspects:

1. It can detect F-35 much earlier that the F-35 is able to detect it.

Being better stealthy and having more powerful radar, a J-20 can detect an F-35 at a distance double of that at which an F-35 can detect a J-20.

2. Armed with longer-range air-to-air missile, it can shoot down an F-35 before the F-35 is able to detect it.

3. It flies faster than F-35 so that F-35 will not be able to escape when it is aware that it has been detected by a J-20.

We have no official confirmation of the above information about J-20, but since the US wants to resume production of F-22, US military must be aware that F-35 is no match to J-20 (see my post yesterday titled “US Leaders’ Lack of Vision Enables China to Catch up with US”).

Source: mil.news.sina.com.cn’s report “Depth Column: Thank US high officials for giving Chinese air force at least 10 years to catch up” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese).


3 Comments on “J-20 Superior to F-35 Causes US to Resume F-22 Production”

  1. Fu Man-Chu says:


    To continue contracting the systems companies and their programmers to AI wire the F-35 and F-22 means the Pentagon is opening itself to be blackmailed by the programmers.

    For sure the programmers are not sufficiently competent or capable of writing, correcting nor maintaining the huge complicated interconnected multifarious programs used in the planes. Most of the persistent glitches is a manifestation of this state of affair.

    The danger now is that the Pentagon is in a highly vulnerable situation : Without the original programmers, the planes will be in trouble. If the programmers leave, there will be no one to trouble shoot or maintain the programs. To train up new programmers will be out of the question as it is not to their benefit. What more, all the changes are all inside the head of the programmers. You will not know if they they have logged everything, and it is highly likely they have not. The Pentagon therefore has dug itself into a hole which only the programmer can get them out of, and the programmers have no wish to do that.

    It is extremely profitable for the programmers to continue milking the Pentagon and their systems companies which employs them. And the blackmailing programmers are milking them all BIG time.

    Perhaps the Pentagon should learn from the CIA and hold the programmers’ families as hostage in order to ensure they do not ever leave or threaten to leave and thereby jeopardising the entire stealth plane AI project. Whichever, whoever agreed to such ambitious programmers dependent project, should be sacked if not hanged, from the procurement decision making committee.

    Makes you wonder how, in such a state of calumny is the U.S. ever going to sell the F-35 and F-22 and even more, the stupid foreign governments who will buy them. The planes will be duds without the original blackmailing programmers. An even with them, their competence and capability is highly suspect.

    Any sucker wishing to buy a dud for hundreds of millions each?


  2. Steve says:

    Nice article – imagine all the hundreds of billions of US $$$ down the drain.

    Many countries Many Brains developed the F35 — Many failures & unsuccessful modifications.

    China – One country One Development the J20 — Multiple Successes


    • Rob says:

      “Many countries Many Brains developed the F35 — Many failures & unsuccessful modifications.”

      LOL nicely put, Steve.