China’s Powerful Laser Weapon Envied by the West

Chinese laser gun on a warship

Chinese laser gun on a warship

China Academy of Engineering Physics has recently displayed a laser weapon able to detect, lock on and destroy its target within 2.5 seconds. gives no details of the weapon but publishes the photo of a laser gun on a Chinese warship says in its report yesterday.

However, it says China has a “Low Air Guard” system to intercept “low, slow and small” target in the air and the system is used for security at the previous APEC summit hosted by China.

Source: “It takes only 2.5 seconds to detect, lock on and destroy a target: China’s that laser weapon is envied by the West” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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3 Comments on “China’s Powerful Laser Weapon Envied by the West”

  1. Rob says:

    Does it actually work? It looks like a fiction, just like the one in the Transformers movie which they used to shoot decepticon on the pyramid.


  2. Joe Dadi says:

    Wow. Have at least a little integrity. That is the L3 Systems laser on the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf.


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      Sorry, it’s the photo from the report. The report does not make clear what laser gun it is and provide no photo of the powerful laser gun it describes. However, you can find photos of Chinese laser gun in my previous posts if you think the laser gun is not a Chinese one. Honestly, I do not know what laser gun it is. As the report is about Chinese laser gun, I regard it as such.

      However, I know well that China will not provide photo of its most advanced weapon; therefore, I am at least clear that the gun in the photo is not the powerful gun the report is about.