Cooperation with China, Russia’s Priority: Russian Foreign Minister

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says in its report late May that according to Russian Sputnik news, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov met his Chinese counterpart Wang YI, he said, “We believe development of cooperation with the People’s Republic of China is our country’s important diplomatic priority.”

He pointed out that China was Russia’s important trade partner. China and Russia have consensus in which measures to adopt to further facilitate improvement of the quality of their economic and trade cooperation. In addition, the two countries’ coordination in international affairs is playing increasingly great role in world politics. Now, the two countries see the direction of their cooperation with good prospects, which, he means, is the beginning of the dialogues for linking up Eurasian Economic Union and China’s Silk Road economic belt.

Source: “Russian foreign minister: Development of cooperation with China is Russia’s key priority” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “Cooperation with China, Russia’s Priority: Russian Foreign Minister”

  1. Steve says:

    Geopolitical, Economical and Military relationships between these two superpowers is the most important. In this decade or following decades the primacy of these two superpowers need to be tranquil yet strongest in ascendancy of leadership against any form of hegemonic dominance.


  2. Sentinel says:

    “Cooperation with China, Russia’s Priority: Russian Foreign Minister”

    Absolutely and most common sensible.

    Europe’s economy has matured. It has plateaued and even descending in its long term cycle of boom and bust. China’s economy on the other hand is still on a boom and far from maturing and plateuing. Besides, trade is trade and it is wise for Russia, or even any other country for that matter, to spread its trading risks amongst countries.

    Long term, China is a much sough after partner; Europe is unreliable, and America is not someone you really want to do business with. Nevertheless, Russia’s economy is best served with substantial trade with China and other Far Eastern countries on the one hand, and Europe – hoping its “unreliability” is temporary – on the other hand. The benefits are many and key amongst them would be peace, good relationship, and prosperity – all potential bulwark against aggressors
    like a neo Nazi controlled Imperial Washington such as the imperious Hillary Clinton and her weakling boss president obama.