China rebuffs Taiwan president’s offer on democracy

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen waves her hand as she boards the nation's first domestically built stealth-missile 500-ton Tuo Jiang twin-hull corvette at Suao Naval Base in Yilan, Taiwan June 4, 2016. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen waves her hand as she boards the nation’s first domestically built stealth-missile 500-ton Tuo Jiang twin-hull corvette at Suao Naval Base in Yilan, Taiwan June 4, 2016. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

China on Monday rejected an offer by Taiwan’s new president to share the island’s experience of democracy, saying it was confident of the path it had chosen.

President Tsai Ing-wen made the offer via Facebook on Saturday in a post about the June 4 anniversary of China’s bloody crackdown on student-led protests in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Self-ruled Taiwan is the only part of the Chinese-speaking world which holds free elections, and Tsai has already upset China, where officials have accused her of promoting a pro-independence agenda, something anathema to Beijing.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, asked whether China would be willing to learn from Taiwan’s democratization experience, said the past 30 years had shown China had made the right choice.

“In the last 30 years the success that China’s economy and society have achieved has received worldwide attention and the democratic system has continued to be perfected. The advantages of China’s system continue to show themselves,” Hong told a daily news briefing.

“The facts prove that the path China is now going down accords with the reality of China’s development and the wishes of the Chinese people and is the correct one,” he added, without elaborating.

China sent in tanks to break up demonstrations on June 4, 1989. Beijing has never released a death toll but estimates from human rights groups and witnesses range from several hundred to several thousand.

The subject remains all but taboo in China, where President Xi Jinping is overseeing a broad crackdown on rights groups and activists.

China has never renounced the use of force to bring what it views as the wayward province of Taiwan under its control and is deeply suspicious of Tsai, who assumed office last month, due to her ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s pro-Taiwan independence stance.

Tsai says she is committed to maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie)

Source: Reuters “China rebuffs Taiwan president’s offer on democracy”


10 Comments on “China rebuffs Taiwan president’s offer on democracy”

  1. Joseph says:

    30 days on, and she feels she is on top of the world? She must have the feeling like Rose character on Titanic movie as she is being smooched by her American master. Democracy is indeed a great exhilarating experience, for Tsai Ingwen, not necessarily for the Taiwanese. After all, it is a dream come true for somebody who has no experience or achievement to be elected president. At best, she could only be compared to the rambling Sarah Palin, and Sarah Palin was a former governor, what Tsai Ingwen was? It remains to be seen if she could bring that happy experience to her people. In the mean time, she could not help feeling fly, offering everyone to experience her opium. Democracy is a new form of opium, and right now, the Taiwanese are intoxicated, thinking they are on top of virtual world while their surroundings crumbling. Wasn’t this the effect of opium that brought down China a century ago? Of course for someone as dumb as Tsai Ingwen would not know anything but her master’s directives. Otherwise she would have known that China had indeed experience democracy. Brief as it might be, it brought so much grieve and misery in the form of 1989 Tiananmen protest. Only the quick thinking of Deng Xiaoping saved the country from spiraling into a ‘democratic revolution’, another form of cultural revolution. And its democracy-crazed perpetrator, Zhao Ziyang was put under lock where he belong. Deng Xiaoping was merciful to put Zhao Ziyang under house arrest. I would think that Tiananmen incident should be commemorated in China. Chinese should be made aware of the close call they had in 1989 and the danger of uncontrolled democracy. Of course the American should be mourning the 1989 event. Without it, China would be like Libya and Syria. Instead, China has grown to become a giant that challenges their illusion of supremacy of way of life, to challenge their navy when it is struggling. Well, would it be superb, for the American, if China would follow Taiwan to the path of ruin.


  2. George W says:

    There are few things that China can learn from Taiwan but democracy is not one of them. China also failed to learn British colonial rule from HK.


    • Joseph says:

      If there is something that China could learn from Taiwan is that Taiwan experiment on democracy bring failure and misery. Taiwan was under military martial law for half century and it flourished to become one of Asian Tigers. When they took the path of democracy, it took the path of ruin. 30 years on, and now Taiwan is just an American-fed kitten. Not even a fat one, since it has to go rival enormous Tiger China to beg fir scrap to eat.


  3. Simon says:

    So call democracy in Taiwan only came about because China opened up 40 years ago. Taiwan was a dictatorship effectively under martial law right up until the Tiananmen incident while did not no topple the CCP on the mainland actually toppled Taiwan’s political system. The fcat that the Mainland continue to propser while Taiwan have to live off the scraps of its bigger brethrens shows which system was more successful. If you lok atthe map pf Taiwan all the deveopment are on their west coast facing the Mainland in stark contrast to its east, north and south coasts facing the rest of the world in the Asia pacific.


  4. Steve says:

    Tsai is a crap stirrer, separatist and on an extremist path. Those Anti-China Taiwanese living in the province of Taiwan headed by Tsai is similar to free tenancy and landlord, but wanting to hijack the island as a new country. Her offer of double dealing taiwanese democracy crap is to stir trouble in Beijing. In the past decade, China has helped this provincial island’s economic sectors growth in prosperity. Instead Tsai wants to sow discord on the Mainland. She is aware that China is on a Socialist path and will not deviate to a US style democracy.


    • Simon says:

      Taiwan is essentially to America what North Korea is to China. Rogue states propped up by geoplitical interests.


      • Steve says:

        All US can do nowadays is set up a spy agency in Taiwan. This DPP govt. is playing a dangerous card game of What can u do Beijing? This provincial island is a strategic location for China’s military into the ECS and SCS including the island chains, rocks and atolls. Right now, China could only dream of setting up a powerful, strategic naval and airforce base in Taiwan after unification. China really need to do some offensive thinking, not necessarily in military, but in areas of economy and diplomacy. Taiwan is already isolated in foreign diplomacy and decline in economy.


        • Simon says:

          Start a war with Japan over the Daioyu i islands. Taiwan either with or against China and I bet n one there will side with Japan.


  5. Fre Okin says:

    Taiwan preaching democracy? Tsai should come to US and learn how democracy is really conducted. It means charging lawbreakers, like the Sunflower kids who broke into the Legislative Yuan about two years ago. What did the Tsai administration do? She dropped the charges immediately upon becoming president. She is in bed with Lawbreakers. She show by example why Taiwan is a fake democracy. A real democracy prosecute lawbreakers, not give them a free pass. Shame on Tsai & Taiwan!