First Ever Photo of China’s New Type 093B Attack Nuclear Submarine

First ever photo of China's new attack nuclear submarine. Photo from report

First ever photo of China’s new attack nuclear submarine. Photo from report

China’s People’s Navy News publishes the above photo of a Chinese submarine that has never been seen before. It has attracted lots of interest. Web users speculate that it is a 093B improved version of attack nuclear submarine.

Its smoother shape reduces noise and there are indications of vertical missile launch system in the submarine.

The submarine perhaps carries China’s advanced YJ type antiship/ground attack missiles and CJ type cruise missiles.

Judging by its shape, the submarine perhaps carries lateral sonar array for higher precision of sonar surveillance.

The appearance of the photo confirms Western media’s speculation based on satellite photos that Type 093 submarine has been improved.

However, all the above is but speculation as there has so far been no official information about the new submarine, not even about its exact type.

Source: “Depth column: First disclosure of navy’s new submarine: Its mystic devices raise outsiders’ imagination” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)