Delivery of China’s Y-20 Transporters Must Have Been Made: Expert

China's homegrown large transport aircraft Y20

China’s homegrown large transport aircraft Y20

Recently there has been report on the Internet that two Y-20 large transport aircrafts have been delivered to Chinese military. According to the report, a delivery ceremony was held in the afternoon of June 15 at a certain test flight center of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

Unlike Chinese navy, Chinese air force seldom makes public of its acquisition of new equipment; therefore, there has been no official news to confirm the report.

An anonymous military expert refuses to comment on the report but says it is time for the Y-20 project to have some outcome though there must be further improvement for Y-20 to use China’s homegrown engines and add small wings at the ends of its wings to reduce drag.

The expert says that the delivery will be a milestone of the establishment of China’s strategic air force.

Source: “Speculation on Delivery of China’s Y-20 to air force not confirmed but according to an expert, there must be some outcome in Y-20 project” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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