China’s New Portable Infrared-imaging-guided Antitank Missile HJ-12

Red Arrow 12 (HJ-12) antitank missile

Red Arrow 12 (HJ-12) antitank missile

Red Arrow 12 (HJ-12) antitank missile

Red Arrow 12 (HJ-12) antitank missile

We have given descriptions of China’s advanced heavy and medium-sized antitank missiles HJ-10 and HJ-9, we now describe China’s new portable

As China’s HJ-73 antitank missile is outdated due to exposure of the missile operator, China has developed its new third-generation portable antitank missile HJ-12 (Red Arrow-12).

It is a fire-and-forget missile with infrared imaging guidance, which makes it expensive.

Due to its soft launch system, it can be fired within buildings and bunkers and allows its operator time to hide after firing as the missile leaves its launcher at a slow speed to avoid generating too much smoke and flame and then gain speed with more smoke and flame to hit its target.

Though HJ-12 can pierce armor 1100 mm thick, but is designed to hit the top of its target, the vulnerable point of a tank. Therefore, it can destroy such advanced main battle tank as M1A2 and T90S though it is a light portable missile.

It can also be used to hit targets other than tanks and armored vehicles

Source: “Depth Column: China’s newest portable antitank missile can destroy most advanced foreign tanks” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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  1. Steve says:

    It would be a great invention, if an anti-tank-missile can be launch with a electromagnetic propulsion or similar without generating any smoke or flame.

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