New Fuel, Technologies Make China’s Changzheng 7 Much More Powerful

Changzheng 7 rocket. Image from

Changzheng 7 rocket. Image from

PLA Daily points out in its report on June 26 on the successful launch of China’s brand new Changzheng 7 carrier rocket on June 25 that Changzheng 7 uses gas and liquid oxygen as its fuel so that there is a blue tinge in its orange-colored flame.

The new fuel is free of toxin or environmental pollution. In addition, it provides 60% more thrust.

Changzheng 7 is of the same size as its predecessors, but its four boosters are 27 meters long, nearly twice as long as its predecessors’. Moreover, it is heavier with a takeoff weight of 600 tons, in which 90% is fuel.

Therefore, with better fuel, more powerful boosters and other new technologies, Changzheng 7 is able to send 13.5 tons to near-earth orbit, much heavier than the 8.6 tons that its predecessors are able to send.

According to Hu Leimin, an engineer at its Wenchang launch site, Changzheng 7 is a brand new rocket that has used lots of new technologies. Its control system alone uses 143 items of new artificial intelligence software.

The rocket is waterproof so that unlike all other rockets in service, it can be launched in rain. Its liquid oxygen tank has a heat isolate layer 10 mm thick of extremely low weight to maintain its surface temperature above 0℃ in spite of the minus 183℃ low temperature of the liquid oxygen.

Source: PLA Daily “Mystery bared by PLA Daily: Why is there a blue tinge in the flame of Changzheng 7 rocket?” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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