China’s 5 Anti-ship Missiles US Has No Effective Defense for 10 Years

Lots of DF-21D erected for volley

Lots of DF-21D erected for volley

China's YJ-12 anti-ship missiles

China’s YJ-12 anti-ship missiles

China's YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missile

China’s YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missile

Launch of China's YJ-18 from a warship

Launch of China’s YJ-18 from a warship

China’s DF-21D and DF-26 anti-ship ballistic missiles have already been well-known. In my post “Volley of China’s DF-21D Missiles Kills US Aircraft Carrier at Very Low Cost” on June 6, I said China was able to launch a volley of at least 168 DF-21D missiles simultaneously from its six DF-21D rocket brigades to kill an entire US aircraft carrier battle group in no time.

In addition, the launch vehicles can be reloaded in hours for a second volley.

DF-26 is said to be more powerful, but there is no information about its number and the number of DF-26 China is able to launch in a volley.

According to Depth Column of, to ensure that no US warships can escape China’s annihilation counterattack, China has, in addition, developed three kinds of anti-ship cruise missiles that the US has no effective defense: YJ-12, YJ-18 and YJ-100.

YJ-12 weighs between 2-2.5 tons. It has a terminal speed of Mach 4.0 as it uses a scramjet engine. It has a range of 400 km. As it is carried by fighter jets, fighter/bombers and bombers such as Su-30MKK, J-16 and H-6G/K, the range of attack of YJ-18, including that of the warplane, can be 2,000 km and longer. Its high speed makes it difficult to intercept. One such heavy missile can kill one US Aegis destroyer while more than 2 can neutralize an aircraft carrier.

YJ-18 is another powerful anti-ship cruise missile that the US has no effective defense. It is but supersonic at its terminal stage but it flies with a zigzag trajectory difficult to intercept. It is mainly launched from the VSL of China’s Type 052D destroyers and 093A/B attack nuclear submarines.

According to, Britain’s Jane’s Defense Weekly says that the anti-radiation function of YJ-18 is so powerful that it destroys 60% of an Aegis warship’s electronic system even if it explodes 50 meters away from the warship.

Compared with YJ-12 and YJ-18, YJ-100 is not well-know as it is a new missile disclosed by foreign media not long ago. Its greatest advantage is its long range of 800 km for beyond visual range attack with a low trajectory. It is said to be used by China’s new large Type 055 destroyer.

According to, the simultaneous attack by two of the above five kinds of missile will be surely lethal.

Source: “Depth Column: The five Chinese Missiles that the West will have no effective defense for a decade” and “Foreign media regards YJ-18 as one of the best anti-ship cruise missiles, one of which can paralyze a US warship” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the reports in Chinese)


3 Comments on “China’s 5 Anti-ship Missiles US Has No Effective Defense for 10 Years”

  1. Oscar Villanueva says:

    Hope they have a missile that will also take out Diego Garcia in one strike also. It is tiresome to have Washington’s MILITARIZED “swords” hanging over everybody threatening everyone and their national security.

    Actually, with just the first volley against America’s military bases in Okinawa, Guam, Yokohama, Jeju and Subic et all, America is toast. Their militarization of East Asia is obliterated in just under an hour and they are no more within the second island chain to threaten China, North Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia or anyone else in the region.

    Washington’s armed forces is NOT really as powerful as they hype themselves to be. Two aircraft carrier groups is nothing against a powerful missile defence. Their only ace is their submarines but then again in crowded seas like that in East Asia it won’t be long before they are detected and taken out as rogue murderers that they are.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    Chinese MISSILES doing Freedom Of Navigation just like the Americans. USN/Pentagon shouldn’t complain since the Chinese Missiles operate in international water and airspace.


  3. Steve says:

    Good military news, but the hypersonic delivery of over Mach 5 yet to being published. This would indicate that China has more than five anti ship missiles not specified on the missile menu.