China’s J-10C Rival to F35, Better than All US Carrier-Based Fighters in Service

China's J-10C fighter jet that is said to be better to all US carrier-based fighter jets. Photo from report

China’s J-10C fighter jet that is said to be better than all US carrier-based fighter jets. Photo from report

Russian Military Observation website carried an article on June 29 titled “J-10C, headache of Western aircraft companies” stating that after integrated fire control system in its active phased array radar, China’s J-10A/B has already some of the characteristics of the next generation of fighter jets. That is followed by China’s project of great improvement in its upgraded version of J-10, i.e. J-10C. which the Russian media regards as a 4++generation fighter get .

Some Chinese blogs believe that three J-10Cs can be rival to one F-22 in combat while for J-10, the ratio shall be 50 to 1.

In a combat with F-22, J-10C can find F-22, a target of 0.07 square meters RCS, 100 km away while F-22A can find a J-10C with 1 square meter RCS 200-220 km away. It may fire its two AIM-120D medium-range air-to-air missiles 150-180 km away from the J-10C. If the missiles have been set at low interception (LPI) mode, the J-10C cannot detect the missiles until it has been locked on by the active radar in the missile’s warhead. J-10C pilot simply has no time to scan the airspace and is forced to take anti-missile action.

If the F-22 pilot fails to close in to reduce the distance between the two to less than 100 km, there is 50% chance the F-22 may be shot down by J-10C’s PL-21 beyond visual range (BVR) air-to-air missile.

However if the F-22 closes in, its two powerful engines will give it much better maneuverability to ensure that there is no escape for the J-10C.

J-10C pilot may use the targeting device in his helmet to fire an infrared guided PL-9C short-range missile, which may hit the F-22A. However F-22A will soon be equipped with a helmet that may be equipped with a device to detect the infrared guided missile warhead.

US carrier-based fourth-generation fighter jets in service are inferior to J-10C in speed, acceleration capability and maneuverability. Even F-35A/B that the US will deploy on its aircraft carriers in the future is but comparable to J-10C in speed, acceleration and maneuverability. As J-10Cs have a combat radius of 1,000 km, it will be able to resist any attack from US carrier-based fighter jets.

China’s deployment of J-10Cs will greatly ease the pressure from US aircraft carriers.

Note: According to the analysis, if a group of three J-10Cs encounters a F-22, two of them will probably be destroyed by AIM-120D medium-range air-to-air missiles that the F-22 fires 150-180 km away from the J-10Cs, but the F-22 will soon come within the 150 km range of the PL-21 of the third J-10C. As PL-21 uses a scramjet engine to reach the speed of Mach 4.5, it is difficult for the F-22 to escape. Therefore, the above analysis proves that there is ground for the assessment of three J-10Cs rival to one F-22.

Source: “Russian media says that J-10C is as good as F35 in combat capabilities and not at a disadvantage in fighting F22” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. Joseph says:

    Actually, F-22 is a 4++ generation fighter jet. It is an F-15 with new bodies and stealth features. The F-35 was just downgraded from 5th generation to the most expensive 4++ generation to date. The J-10A/B was a relatively new developed 4th generation with the latest features. Developing J-10 to 4++ J-10C should be relatively eady. Considering Chinese expertise to build J-20/J-31, incorporating stealth features into J-10C would make it more than rival to F-22, let alone the failed stealth F-35.

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  2. Foxhound says:

    Moreover, during recent russian’s intervention in Syria.
    The SU-30, A-50, SU-35, S-400 radars etc… sucessfully detected the F-22. US suspended during a time if not stop the F-22’s missions above syrian skies.
    Hence many NATO countries are realizing that US Air Force could no longer stand against modern russian-chinese fighters.


  3. Steve says:

    Okay, so the J-10C is superior to all US carrier based fighter jets except for the F-22. Still, its a bad idea to lose 2 out of 3 J-10C in aerial combat unless a drone. To lose or sacrifice 2 pilots for the sake of one enemy pilot is an unacceptable bad idea. Need a future J-10D.


    • Foxhound says:

      According to the analysis,… three J-10Cs encounters a F-22, two of them will probably be destroyed by AIM-120D …
      These assumptions are pointless, because they do not work. At first every second world war era’s radars are able to detect any stealth jet, whatever it is F-22, B-2, F-117, J-20, SU-50, etc…
      If the F-22 switch on its radars, it will be immediately detected by air defense radars’s network. If it fires a missiles, it is noteworthy to say that any missiles, due to the friction on air the missile jets is immediately detected too, betraying the presence of F-22.
      The myth of the BVR’s success is still tenacious, mostly due the hype by military industrial complex. As the missile launched is detected soon, the J-10C has enough time to prepare successful manoeuvre to evade them. Hence the assumptions of 3 J-20 to match 1 F-22 is completely false. Now the relevant question is :
      Is the J-20 C enough manoeuvrable to confront the F-22’s powerful thrust vector’s jets ? The question is rather :
      Could the AL-31FN or WS-10 A enough reliable to stand against the powerful Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 ?
      Take care of the pseudo specialists that claim anything.


      • chankaiyee2 says:

        J-20 needs WS-15 engine that China has developed but has to conduct more tests.


        • Foxhound says:

          Notice it is not because an aircraft has vector thrust it is necessary more manoeuvrable than a jet without vector thrust.
          We had several echoes about these facts. A french Rafale -same class as J-10C- during a demonstration outmanoeuvred a F-22. It is said that the EAF Typhoon -same class as J-10C too- outmanoeuvred too the F-22, and worst with their powerful “Pirate” IRST they could detect any F-22, or missiles launch at least 90 km.
          Moreover if an F-22 could detect a Typhoon at 200 or even 300, if not 400 KM, indeed the Raptor has the only slight advantage in this area only. The F-22 detects first, but to do what ? The Typhoon -as the Rafale, SU, Mig, J-11, J-15, etc… and likely the J-10C- could easily dodge and jam any air-air missile launched against him.
          The only fight in air to air combat will last WVR and for a long time. In WVR everyone dies in the same rates, whatever you have J-20, Raptor, Mig-29, J-11, etc… Hence US have no decisive advantanges.