China to Have Carrier-based J-11B Fighter Jets for its Carriers

J-11B taking off from simulated ski-jump deck. Photo from the article

J-11B taking off from simulated ski-jump deck. Photo from the article

Chinese website posted the above photo of successful takeoff of a J-11B from a simulated ski-jump aircraft carrier deck to prove that J-11B can be successfully modified into a carrier-based fighter jet.

The website’s article on that topic says that as F-22 has already been deployed in Asia, China’s priority is to develop a air superiority stealth fighter jet to counter F-22. As a result, China lacks the resources to develop a fighter jet specially for its aircraft carriers. A carrier-based version of J-11B is the best alternative as it uses China’s homegrown WS-10 engines while J-10 uses imported Russian engines.

J-11B has a range of 1,000 km so that it can stay for 2 hours 250 km away from the carrier. It is satisfactory in takeoff weight for carrying six air-to-air missiles

Certainly, there must be modification to enable J-11B to function on an aircraft carrier, but the photo shows that China is making efforts to get the best possible carrier-based fighter jet.

Source: “Disclosure of the photo of ski-jump takeoff of J-11B fighter: Its test flight performance is as good as J-15” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on he article in Chinese)


One Comment on “China to Have Carrier-based J-11B Fighter Jets for its Carriers”

  1. Joseph says:

    If the conflicts with the American do happen on SCS, it would fought not far from Chinese coasts. The American may bet on that the J- 15s not readiness as their trump cards. But this article has actually shown that the Chinese has not lost their resourcefulness that gave them advantage on Korean War. This article showed that the J-11B could be launched fully loaded from sky jump, which means that in the event of conflict, unmodified J-11Bs could be launched from sky-jumped ships for extended range. Being a long range aircraft themselves, the J-11Bs could still be launched from carriers to strike Guam. They do not even have to land back on the carriers. Without carrier-recovery gears, they could carry more missiles or fuels and with their huge fuel tanks, they could fly back to Chinese airfields on their own. This means that in the even of conflict, the Liaoning won’t be Chinese sole carrier as any large ships could be converted into sky-jumped flat tops. With converted flat tops and so many J-11Bs, if the conflict do break out, not even US territory is safe. Even if the F-22s are truly stealth as advertised, they don’t have the number to stop the swarms of J-11Bs. The devastation won’t be confined to Chinese territories and American puppet allies’ territories alone, but to American territories as well. Imagine the political repercussions for the American.