China’s New Anti-stealth Radar Able to Detect All Metal Weapons

China's JY-26 anti-stealth meter waveband radar

China’s JY-26 anti-stealth meter waveband radar

China's anti-stealth resonance radar able to detect all metal weapons

China’s anti-stealth resonance radar able to detect all metal weapons

In my post “US Panicking at China’s Anti-stealth Radars Blaming China for Espionage” on December 11, 2014, I described China’s JY-26 anti-stealth radar, which US military expert Richard Fisher claimed in his article that it was but a copy of US Lockheed Martin’s 3DELRR Radar.

I said, “However, UK radar expert John Wise opposes Fisher’s view. He said that the Lockheed 3DELRR was a ‘G-band (5.4GHz) radar and has nothing whatsoever in common with the JY-26, other than shape.’ If JY-26 really has anti-stealth aircraft capability, it would need to operate down the bottom end of the UHF band (250-350MHz).”

True enough, Chinese website says in its report yesterday, JY-26 works in meter waveband. It can detect stealth warplanes as the coating of the stealth warplanes now can avoid being detected by radar of millimeter to less than meter waveband. However, if new coating has been invented to avoid being detected by meter waveband radar, JY-26 will be useless. That is for the future.

However, to have better detection capabilities, China has developed a unique new anti-stealth radar that can detect all metal weapons. It is China’s new resonance radar.

The radar was displayed in a back row of Zhuhai Air Show without rousing any people’s attention, but Iranian delegates to the show found it and discussed with representatives of the Chinese producer. We do not know the results of their discussions, but we do know that when the US sent a team of SEAL on a fast boat for a secret mission to Iran, it was soon discovered. The team escaped through diving but its fast boat was captured by Iran. There is speculation that the metal weapons of team were discovered by the resonance radar Iran imported from China.

Source: “Depth Column: China has developed a new anti-stealth radar able to detect all metal weapons” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)