Test flights of More Mass Produced J-20 Stealth Fighters

Mass produced J-20 1
Mass produced J-20 2
Mass produced J-20 3
Mass produced J-20 4
Mass produced J-20 5
Mass produced J-20 6

In my post “Commissioned? Recent J-20 Photos Give Rise to Speculation” on July 4, I provided four photos of a flying J-20 stealth fighter jet with no four-digit number on the aircraft’s nose and the color of the “August 1” emblem of Chinese air force changed into blue.

That is quite different from the six J-20 prototypes and gives rise to the question whether J-20 has been commissioned in PLA air force.

Now, Adam Y of lt.cjdby.net has posted the above six photos of the test flights of two more J-20s with such coating.

From the photos we can be sure that the design of J-20 has been formalized and mass production of it has begun. However, we do not know for sure whether J-20 has been commissioned in PLA air force.

Source: mil.huanqiu.com “Several J-20 fighter jets with suspected air force coating have appeared in the sky” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


7 Comments on “Test flights of More Mass Produced J-20 Stealth Fighters”

  1. Steve says:

    With the commissioning of the J-20 plus SU-35 plus J-11B plus J-10B/C, China should rule the sky above ECS with greater ease against the F-15,16 & F-22. I believe 2017 will the the starting year of China’s dominant airforce. China is now into it’s golden age with PLAAF, PLAN & PLA. In another decade into it’s Diamond age — indestructible


    • alking1957 says:

      It takes a long time to train the pilots on these new planes i believe. The pilots are even more valuable. I winder if the author has any insight to the time and efforts to train such pilots


      • Steve says:

        Correct, it takes time to train the J-20 stealth pilots. But, those are ready made pilots from the current fleet of J’s. Cross over time taken should be a lot shorter. Brand new pilots into the J10’s will take a few years. True, a well trained fighter pilot is worth twice the plane.


      • chankaiyee2 says:

        What is the urgency to make and test flight so many J-20s in such a short period of time? China has to use J-20s in its war of resistance against US interference in its dispute with the Philippines. A war is unlikely so far, but China has to be prepared. In case of a war, a country shall grudge neither money nor its pilots’ lives. With comparable weapons, only those who are brave enough can win. China’s J-20 is not mature, but it has to play its major role to grab air superiority from US F-22 when a war breaks out.

        Chinese pilots have the courage to fly immature J-20s. They are precious but US pilots are as precious. Due to lack of funds, US pilots are not much better experienced than Chinese pilots as Pentagon has complained that they have not flown enough times due to lack of funds. There is no such problem with Chinese pilots.

        Moreover, when Chinese fighter jets are damaged, the pilots jump from the airplanes will fall into friendly territory to be rescued by Chinese troops, navy and civilian ships and boats. US pilots have much greater chance to be captured by the Chinese.
        US loss of pilots will be much greater than China.


        • Steve says:

          WOW! Nicely worded… In fact during the Russian/China confrontation era, the lesser experienced Chinese pilots shot down more Russian pilots (by one?)


        • Simon says:

          China has incorporated advanced technology from its program in the J20 to other fighters such as J10C and J16. The F22 can be detected by Chinese radar, once the stealth is removed the F22 is not much better than the F16 and might be even worst because of the limited weapons load and easily picked out by Chinese fighters. There has been report of F22s being detected and escort out of Chinese airspace much humiliation for America.


          • Steve says:

            If the report is true, it’s two up for China, zero for the US/JAP fighter F16 and F22. Come to think of it, the US and JAPS only have the F22 & F16.


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