Retired Servicemen Ready to Return to Navy if There Is a War: PLA Daily

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily has added some passages in its report that I mentioned earlier today in my post “Beijing Enters State of War for a Week ahead of Arbitration Ruling”, stating:

In response to the news on Internet that retired navy servicemen have been called back on duty in the navy, PLA Daily says in its microblog that some retired servicemen especially retired noncommissioned officers have participated the drills in the past and had become skilled in operating equipment on warships soon after some training when they resumed their previous posts. It is the common aspirations that most retired servicemen have voiced that they will certainly return to the troops if there is a war.

Source: Singtao Daily “Ruling on South China Sea arbitration to come out today: Beijing enters ‘state of war’” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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