China Rejects Hague Ruling, Ignores US, EU Urges, Shows Readiness to Fight

An aerial photo taken though a glass window of a Taiwanese military plane shows the view of Itu Aba, which the Taiwanese call Taiping, at the South China Sea, March 23, 2016. REUTERS/Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Handout via Reuters/File Photo

An aerial photo taken though a glass window of a Taiwanese military plane shows the view of Itu Aba, which the Taiwanese call Taiping, at the South China Sea, March 23, 2016. REUTERS/Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Handout via Reuters/File Photo

Reuters says in its report titled “US urges all countries to adhere to South China Sea ruling”, “The United States said on Tuesday that an arbitration court ruling that China has no historic title over the waters of the South China Sea should be treated as final and binding and not as a reason to raise tensions.

It quotes White House spokesman Josh Earnest as saying in a briefing aboard Air Force One, “We certainly would urge all parties not to use this as an opportunity to engage in escalatory or provocative action.”

Though the US regards the ruling as binding, the US will not help the Philippines enforce the ruling. On the contrary, it regards the action to enforce the ruling as “escalatory or provocative” that the US will not do itself and urges others not to do either.

What about European powers?

According to SCMP’s report today, in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Beijing, Tusk and Juncker “warned China to respect the international system” i.e. to be bound by the ruling, but Xi said that China will not accept any proposition or action based on an international tribunal’s ruling over the disputed South China Sea.

China is conducting a large-scale live-ammunition military drill in the South China Sea and putting Chinese capital Beijing into state of war to show that it is ready to fight to defend its sovereignty and rights over the land and maritime areas it claims in the South China Sea.

Certainly, China’s rejection may hurt China’s reputation. However, as I have pointed out in my previous post, if ASEAN does not tell China to respect the ruling as its leaders promised when they met US President Obama, the damage is limited.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report “China’s Xi Jinping rejects any action based on international court’s South China Sea ruling” and Reuters’ report “US urges all countries to adhere to South China Sea ruling”, full text of which can respectively viewed at and


10 Comments on “China Rejects Hague Ruling, Ignores US, EU Urges, Shows Readiness to Fight”

  1. Steve says:

    Absolutely Disgusted, China has been betrayed by the Rattlers, Sneaks and Snakeheads. China
    must remain focused on her Chinese Dream, Reformation, Economic development, OBOR, etc and equally important, Military Doctrine, Space Projection and Research for Advanced Weaponry. China need to be self reliant in All facets. So long as China do not fire the first shot, China will Persevere and remain an Indomitable Warrior.

    The ruling is just an unenforceable waste paper. There will be scholars and experts supporting China’s non participation.


  2. Junk says:

    Tusk and Juncker? How appropriate that two eurocrats are trying to bind China to the ruling.

    The EU forced the UK to abide by international rules, until finally the British had enough and voted to secede. That’s what sovereignty means: the right to reject rules that are hurting your own country.

    It seems that Tusk and Juncker still haven’t learned their lesson.


  3. Simon says:

    Declare ADIZ over SCS and expell those Fillipinos from HK.


  4. ron says:

    Credibility? If the Yanks, Russians, Brits, etc, weren’t worried about theirs, why would China be.


    • James says:

      Like one shoe maker states “… just do it” As long as China is prepared on a worse case outcome, no one gives a s*#t. Do what U have to do China! No one respects a coward.


      • ron says:

        Do what? The Chinese are already making airstrips, arming the islands, and patrolling the area within the nine dash line. All of which you yanks angrily protested, and later constantly proclaiming that there will be negative consequences. It is now up to you yanks to challenge China’s sovereignty by, at the very least, take one of those island away from the Chinese. Otherwise, you’ll be (if haven’t already been) seen as an “all talk and no bite” loser. So, what will it be yankee? The ball is actually in your court. Check out this headline:

        “If China defies tribunal without tangible loss, Beijing will be the winner ”


        “If, as many expect, the US will do little other than attack China rhetorically after the judgment, Southeast Asians will see it as further evidence of Beijing’s ascendancy”

        You better hurry, though, for your allies are already questioning your abilities.


        • Steve says:

          US do not have the conventional capacity to take on China in the SCS and ECS. These snaky rattlers has stabbed China in the back with their divisive gunboat diplomacy. The snakeheads supported the Philippine arbitration initiatives hoping to maintain their maritime dominance with the aid of Japan and Philippines. But their gunboat diplomacy has been blown out of the water because China has the political wisdom to refuse participation in this maritime circus. Yes, U are absolutely correct, Beijing is the outright winner in this arbitral farce. As the weeks and months come and go, the USA can do nothing. Those engineered islands belong to China and some will be heavily militarised with radar and underwater devices. It will be a highly responsive military outpost especially against lurking enemy submarines, stealth and act as the eyes and ears for China.


  5. Fre Okin says:

    China should not ‘kowtow’ to fear about reputation damage much like US, Russia, Japan ignore various UN bodies rulings like the Nicaragua case, Arctic case, IWC whaling against Japan.

    The West like to hype this BS ruling which is totally unbalanced with no admonition against VN, PH, Malaysia etc for illegally squatting on the Spratlys and do island reclamation as well. One can see the PCA judges are a bunch of idiots out of touch with reality, so They are the Damaged Goods, not China. Give it a month, this Ignorant, Politically Motivated Ruling will be just a footnote and have zero relevance. Life goes on, China will do fine. This silly reputation business is man made and China should just ignore it, be as thick skinned as US which ignored international laws including illegal attack on Iraq and suffer no meaningful consequence.


    • One-Of-1.4-Billion-Chinese-in-World says:

      Absolutely. Keep the upper chin, President Xi. Fear not. Stay on course. We are with you.


      • Fre Okin says:

        Basically US have defiled the world by practising Thick Skinned Diplomacy. She use white lies to deceive the general public and try to market that as truth. China should play the same game with thick skin as well.

        Even Japan under Abe try to employ thick skinned strategy like US but was caught telling obvious lies like no massacres. In China’s case, she do have enough plausible evidence to support her claims so she should not let outsiders like PCA idiot verdict to carry the news headlines.

        Plan B: Clarifying China’s position. What China should do is to acknowledge others also have some historical rights even though less than her And highlight her willingness to accommodate their presence like fishery agreement with Philippines, Vietnam etc in the Spratlys. A fishery agreement for the Scarborough Shoal/Huangyan island is a very good starting point. China should Bait PH, Malaysia, VN to agree to fishery agreement around the islands they squatted on. This will give credibility to China’s Nine Dash Line claim, at least with regard to the EEZ. James Shoal where there are frequent clashes with PH is another good place to have fishery agreement. Ditto Reeds Bank for oil/gas drilling agreement to give China EEZ rights. All these mini agreements will help China erase the reputation damage from PCA ruling.

        Once They agree to an agreement, They will tell the world China Do Indeed have Historical Rights otherwise why do they agree to a fishery agreement? Follow the Taiwanese Japan Fishery agreement model which give Taiwanese Tacit Recognition they have Historical Rights. This is what the Idiot Judges in PCA fail to take into account when they rule on the Nine Dash Line.

        The multiple fishery agreements is China’s way of telling the world she have historical title to the Nine Dash Line and thus have sovereignty to the seas around the islands as per UNCLOS, just a silent way for China to tell the world where she think the limits of her EEZ is, not the 80% hyped up by the Western press.