UN Avoids, Only the US Wants Chinese People’s Enemy

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visiting Taiwan warship before it left for Taiping Island to defend Taiwan's interests in the South China Sea that has been denied by the Hague arbitration ruling. Photo from SCMP report

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visiting Taiwanese warship before it left for Taiping Island to defend Taiwan’s interests in the South China Sea that has been denied by the Hague arbitration ruling. Photo from SCMP report

SCMP says in its report “United Nations stresses separation from Hague tribunal”, “The United Nations clarified on its Chinese microblog yesterday that the tribunal that ruled against China’s historic claims over the disputed South China Sea was not a UN agency.”

It is apparently a move to separate the UN from the Hague tribunal ruling that has upset Chinese people as the UN understands Chinese people’s strong indignation against the ruling.

Only the US prefers to be regarded by Chinese people as their enemy by pressing China to obey the ruling.

SCMP says in another report titled “US presses China to be responsible power by obeying ruling on South China Sea”, “In unusually strong comments Tuesday after the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, State Department spokesman John Kirby said the world was watching to see whether China would obey the decision over a waterway that hosts about US$5 trillion in trade a year.”

Putting such pressure on China plus sending warships to the South China Sea has given rise to Chinese people’s enmity against the US as strong as the enmity I witnessed among Chinese people after the commencement of the Korean War. This time, however, it’s the enmity among not only the Chinese people on the Chinese mainland but also those in Taiwan.

In another report titled “Tsai Ing-wen tells warship crew to defend Taiwan’s interests as they set off for island in South China Sea”, SCMP says that Taiwan has not only rejected the international tribunal’s ruling, but even sends a warship to defend Taiwan’s interests denied by the ruling.

I said that China shows its readiness to fight in my post “China Rejects Hague Ruling, Ignores US, EU Urges, Shows Readiness to Fight” yesterday. Now it is obvious that not only the People’s Republic of China on Chinese mainland but also the Republic of China in Taiwan is ready to fight to defend China’s sovereignty and interests.

In the report, SCMP says, “Taipei has rejected an international tribunal ruling that questions its legal right to claim waters around Taiping Island in a disputed area of the ocean” and in addition “Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen briefly boarded a naval warship on Wednesday and addressed its crew before it set off to ‘defend Taiwan’s territory’ in the South China Sea’”.

Comments by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s reports, full text of which can be viewed respectively at:

http://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/1989486/united-nations-stresses-separation-hague-tribunal for “United Nations stresses separation from Hague tribunal”

http://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/1989646/us-presses-china-be-responsible-power-obeying-ruling for “US presses China to be responsible power by obeying ruling on South China Sea”


http://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/1989282/tsai-ing-wen-tells-warship-crew-defend-taiwans for “Tsai Ing-wen tells warship crew to defend Taiwan’s interests as they set off for island in South China Sea”


8 Comments on “UN Avoids, Only the US Wants Chinese People’s Enemy”

  1. Simon says:

    For decades all 5 permanent members of the UN has consistently rejectd the ruling of the PCA including America. It would actually be unusual to accept it.

    The BBC mistakenly believe the Hague ruling is backed by the UN. We know this is not true.


  2. Simon says:

    All along the Hague court is a kangaroo court not a UN body but acting in the interest of America. Its claim to represent the UN but instead the UN had distant itself from the Hague and that China has the right to disregard the illegal ruling.

    The case also expose America is not a friend of Taiwan. It is willing to erode Taiwanese interest and security by sideing with another party to further their own interest. Tsai Ing Wen would risk losing her presidency if she is not seen to object to the ruling and must now smell the coffee and accept Taiwan is China and if there is a war they will fight as one.


    • Steve says:

      All along the US knows that Taiwan will eventually have to return to China because both are Chinese. The US are smart to support just the Philippines and in return the US can establish at least 5 to 8 military bases. The Taiwanese are Inept and Shameless. Should the Taiwanese fight as one, China should put the Taiwanese in the Front line.


      • Simon says:

        Not sure if Ameica is smart at all. Losing Taiwan’s support crushes the case for independant aspiration for manyamongst ordinary Taiwanese who come to accpet America as an ally. This handed China a coup. If there is conflict Taiwan will ask China to defend it and its military will come under the command of the Mainland forces and if this a happens Taiwan will be completely unified with China. It also crushe the pro independent seperatist’s groups in HK. I bet recently in HK these localist groups have been deeply unpopular and kept a low profile. Foreigners particularly the Americans always tries to bully China and if Chinese people don’t stand together then we all deserve to be bullied.


        • Steve says:

          We know that the US are hegemonic war mongrels, slaughtering and genocide is good as long as it is self benefitting, divide and conquer. What you mentioned is good, but I believe as many others do and probably yourself that the US are pulling strings in this arbitral farce. Both the US and Philippines are aware that the Palawan island is only 196 miles from Taiping island. Should the Taiping island be declared an island, then China/Taiwan can claim 200mile eez. If declared a rock which the tribunal did, Taiping island can only claim 12miles. Both the Palawan and Taiping island overlap each others claim. This is the reason Tsai Ing-Wen ‘command’ her navy to protect Taiping island at all cost. When ex President Ma visited Taiping island the US was unhappy and did not approve of Tsai accommodating Ma on the trip to declare that Taipng is in fact an island. This shameless Tsai did not follow Ma nor supported him to the Taiping island. For the tribunal to declare that China has no historical rights nor claim in the SCS is laughable. I believe that all along this was the plot of the US and PH has been hatching. Taiping island is a game changer if declared an island for China.


    • Peter Lavalle says:

      Tsai Ing-Wen is just being a very foolish wpman. The Obama Administration is just making use of her.


  3. Steve says:

    What a shameless separatist President Tsai Ing-Wen. She is speaking from the point of view of an Independent Taiwan, when she addressed the warship crew to ‘defend Taiwan’s territory’ in the SCS…My questions is defend with what.? Taiwan’s economy is shrinking, the airforce is getting outdated and naval capabilities are limited within range, a misfit shooting at their own fishermen. Should there be a shooting war, the Inept Taiwanese will be expecting Beijing to rescue them. The only righteous thing to do is immediate unification with Beijing. Taiwan is an extremely strategic location for Beijing into the ECS should war erupt with Japan. These shameless pathetic Taiwanese have no sense of their future.