China to Set up Space and Deep Sea Stations, Develop Quantum Computer

According to’s report on July 23, in a routine policy meeting on July 22, China’s State Council gave a briefing on China’s plan on creation and innovation for the coming five years.

In deep sea, China will establish a deep sea space station to safeguard China’s sovereignty and focus on the research and development of deep sea equipment and sensing network.

In space, China will set up its space station for manned exploration of the moon and begin the work for its first Mars exploration.

China will maintain its number one position in supercomputers and begin development of quantum computer.

In addition, China will enhance exploration deep in the earth for mineral resources and the safe exploitation of urban space.

Source: “China starts research and development of quantum computer and uses deep sea space station to safeguard its sovereignty” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)