Details of China’s New Advanced J-11B Fighter Jet

AJ-11B taking off from simulated ski-jump deck. Photo from article

A J-11B taking off from simulated ski-jump deck. Photo from article

US media National Interest describes in its article China’s new homegrown J-11B fighter jet’s advanced characteristics including its pilot displays, “glass cockpit,” on-board oxygenator (which helps keep the pilot conscious at high altitudes or while performing tight maneuvers), optical Missile Approach Warning System, lighter airframe of composite materials and Chinese Type 1493 pulse-Doppler, which can reportedly detect fighters at a range of over ninety miles and surface warships at over two hundred.

J-11B is armed with short-range PL-8 infrared guided missile (a knock-off of the Israeli Python 3), long-range PL-12 radar-guided missile with a range of up to one hundred kilometers, a wide range of Chinese-made air-to-ground munitions, including antiradar missiles, laser-guided bombs and glide bombs and Russian GSh-30 thirty-millimeter cannon.

As China keeps such information confidential, National Interest’s description is interesting for readers not only outside but even inside China.

The article also points out Chinese warplanes’ weak points—their poor engines and believes that China will certainly make great efforts to develop satisfactory homegrown engines no matter how long it will take.

There are also description of China’s other warplanes but not in so great details. Readers interested in them may see more information at

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on National Interest’s article