US Backs China Resuming Talks with Philippines Ignoring Hague Ruling

China's H-6K bomber conducting combat patrols at Scarborough Shoal

China’s H-6K bomber conducting combat patrols at Scarborough Shoal

Reuters says in its report titled “U.S. says backs resumption of China-Philippines talks on South China Sea”, that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi “told his U.S. counterpart that China and ASEAN had agreed the dispute should get back on to the ‘correct’ track of being resolved by direct talks with the parties concerned, according to a foreign ministry statement released on Tuesday” hinting that the arbitration is not the “correct” track and should be disregarded.

Reuters quote Wang as saying, China “hopes the United States side takes actual steps to support the resumption of talks between China and the Philippines, and supports the efforts of China and ASEAN to maintain regional peace and stability.”

It quotes Kerry as saying at a news conference, “The foreign minister (meaning Wang Yi) said the time has come to move away from public tensions and turn the page and we agree with that …”

Reuters says that before that “(i)n an address to foreign ministers, including Kerry, at the gathering in Vientiane, Wang criticized the United States, Japan and Australia for a joint statement on the issue they released late on Monday.”

It quotes Wang as saying, “The statement continued to hype up the South China Sea issue and play up tensions. Now is the time we will test whether you are protectors of peace or agitators.”

Kerry has passed the test satisfactorily as he backs the resumption of the talks between China and the Philippines, which was rejected by the Philippines when it preferred to resolve its disputes with China through arbitration with US support.

In spite of US joint statement with Japan and Australia requesting China to respect the arbitration ruling, Kerry now agrees to back talks that he has refused to back and will go to Manila to urge the Philippines to conduct talks with China.

The lack of support from the US seems to have upset the Philippines so that “Philippines Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay told reporters in Vientiane that the dispute was not between China and the United States but between China and the Philippines.”

Reuters quote Yasay as telling reporters, “We would like to pursue bilateral relationships in so far as the peaceful resolution of the dispute is concerned that is between the China and the Philippines. The others are not concerned with that dispute”.

Before being elected, Duterte as a president candidate said he would have the US join Philippines’ talks with China. Seeing that it can get no support from the US, now the Philippines want bilateral talks that exclude the US.

It is too late for the Philippines to realize that the US will not fight for its interests. In the Scarborough standoff between the Philippines and China, the US gave the Philippines no military support though it is Philippines’ ally. Instead, it told the Philippines to withdraw. As a result, China has got full control of Scarborough Shoal and the area around it. The Philippines should have learnt a lesson from that, but obviously it had not and made the stupid attempt to resolve the dispute by arbitration.

That makes me believe that Philippines’ preceding president Aquino is stupid. He began the provocation in Scarborough Shoal in order to pit the US against China so that the US will help the Philippines win in its dispute with China. Now, he has to face the dire fact that the US will not fight for the Philippines. Moreover, some people want to prosecute him for withdrawing from the shoal to give China full control of the shoal.

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6 Comments on “US Backs China Resuming Talks with Philippines Ignoring Hague Ruling”

  1. Joseph says:

    The American could not even arbitrate the talks between North-South Korea, with the South Korean often denounced the American as the problem while they should be the arbitror. What chance would the American play role of arbitrary between China and Phillipines? Their objective is likely to hackle the Phillipines to serve American interest which would result to another North Korean deadlock, another 50 years truce where insignificant American still have role to play. If the Philippines is serious in resolving the greatest crisis they have in their existence, they must make the meddling American stay away from the talk. After all, haven’t the American done enough to cause misery to Philippines? The American must have seen that the Philippines is prepared to ditch the PCA ruling for talk with china, so in order to safe face, they now too prepared to back China. The other choice would be to resume those expensive patrols with their trouble-ridden cruisers, which the Phillipines begins to irritate to accommodate. Even the welcoming Filipino prostitutes must be getting weary by now, the American may had already put on unpaid tab for their services. If the American is finding hard to pay for their cruisers to patrol, how would they pay for the prostitutes. Or is it possible that the prostitutes are the only thing that prevents the American sailors from rioting and mutiny?


    • Simon says:

      Even the yanks accept China as the only country that has the power and leverage to get North and South Korea to talk. This conclude that Amnerica has no power and influence in the region.


  2. Steve says:

    Great Post

    Aquino is Not only being Stupid during his presidency, but also a Lemon head. He left a sour note on his Filipinos and current government’s administration by initiating a farcical arbitration against China, but to no avail. He compared China to the Nazis. In other words, President Xi to Hitler and the 1.3 billion Chinese to the nazis. This is unacceptable for someone holding the highest authority in Philippines. Also, he initiated the Scarborough Shoal incident by sending a warship (BRP Gregorio ??) to arrest Chinese fishermen. How could he possibly send his military to arrest civilians. As one of PH retired minister said, Aquino is Not a good leader. He said Aquino was happy to receive a couple of ‘free’ warships from the US for his loyal support. Aquino said recently, that the US has an obligation to defend Scarborough Shoal should China occupy the island. Meaning, he does not recognised China’s ownership of the island. So, what will be China’s next step.?

    President Duterte’s representative Ramos and his delegation would feel embarrassed and humiliated meeting China’s CCP delegation in Beijing. They have lost the trump card at ASEAN and now gagged from speaking on the PCA arbitration. The possibilities for President Duterte is begging China’s expertise to help build infrastructures and borrowing money with low interest. Sharing of resources, exploiting the seabed and demarcation of sovereignty would be much more difficult than it seems.

    Over the next decade, Philippines may degenerate in it’s economic reform when OBOR is fully implemented. Philippines is geographically located across the SCS without land borders. The only export route is by sea into Asia. The country will face difficulties against other ASEAN countries connected with railway links.

    In the meantime, the US will hold on to the military alliance with the Philippines because of its favourable position to act as choke points against China. The US will have at least 5 to 8 military bases in PH, but should China occupy and engineer Huangyan island anytime soon.?


  3. Fre Okin says:

    How times have changed! With a few months left in the Oval Office, Obama do not want to be seen as leaving office with war between US/PH and China.

    Any hint of this Plan B by US to get PH and China relationship back on the right rack is a Slap Down on the PCA ruling. It is clear the PCA ruling Carry No Weight or else it can be leveraged against China. Instead the PCA verdict have being exposed as a fraud as time goes by and US realise it is time to abandon using the PCA verdict to defame China.

    It is time to ‘look good’ by quickly encouraging Sino PH settlement. Whatever leverage PH hope the PCA verdict give her is now Gone With The Wind. The Duterte admin may protest but the fact is clear: PH is Nothing more than a pawn in the Sino US tussle over the control of the South China Sea. Now that the dust is settling, PH should just be practical and abide by China’s very reasonable terms Or The Ship Will Leave Without Her. PH Greedy behavior have consistently cause her problems with her neighbors.

    China can afford to Wait Out for another and another administration. Duterte should grab the chance instead of having Sino PH relationship in a limbo forever. Ordinary Pinoy lose. PH just do not have enough Clout against China. It’s that simple, so she cannot demand anything but instead take the reasonable offers China put on the table.

    Don’t waste time fighting over the useless sovereignty issue over small rocks and shoals. Focus on resource sharing and China have no reason to threaten PH unless of course if she let US have too many bases and subs there. Then she will be digging her own grave.


    • Joseph says:

      Obama must feel like GW Bush right now, or even worse. Bush left office with Iraq problem as his legacy. Obama came to office to solve that problem. 8 years on, he left office with Philippines problem, not to mention with Ukraine/Russia, Syria and ISIS problems. Yet the Iraq problem remains unsolved. Obama does set a record, as the president of United States who left presidency with the most problem. No one could have done worse in short 8 years. Not even Hitler.