China’s New ICBM Impossible to intercept

China has always kept its development of ICBMs strictly confidential. It is US intelligence that has disclosed that China has carried out 7 tests of its new ICBM since July 24, 2012, the last time on April 12, 2016. As China has provided no information about the ICBM, US intelligence has given the ICBM the codename DF-41.

According to Russia media Businessman Daily, Russia monitored the entire process of China’s test of DF-41 with its very powerful radar in April.

It was amazed that the missile changed its trajectory sharply several times to make interception by US anti-missile systems utterly impossible. The missile finally released two independently guided warheads.

US intelligence regards the missile as a headache as it carries more than 10 separately guided warheads. The interception rate of US anti-missile missiles is but 30%. It means the US has to launch more than 30 anti-missile missiles to intercept one DF-41 so that the US simply does not have such a large number of missiles to intercept China’s all DF-41s if DF-41s are interceptable.

According to Washington Post, US highest military command is drawing up a plan on its final decision to wave the right of first strike of nuclear weapons at China and Russia. It is because the US is not sure that its 7,500 nuclear warheads can destroy all Chinese or Russian nuclear weapons and that the US is unable to intercept China’s or Russia’s second-strike nuclear missiles.

There is speculation that DF-41 will soon be deployed on the basis of PLA Daily’s report on June 10 that China’s Rocket Force is conducting all-around upgrading to “great power’s scabbards”, which may refer to the tunnels for DF-31 ICBMs. The tunnels have to be expanded as DF-41 is larger and contain more warheads.

Source: “Russia and the US have monitored the entire process of China’s DF-41 test and been shocked by it” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. Simon says:

    Any ICBMs even from the 60s due to their high speed cannot be stopped by any missile shields.


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    Enter The Dragon