US, Japan Stabbed Taiwan President Tsai in the Back by Hague Ruling

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visiting the Taiwan warship she was to send to patrol the 200-mile exclusive econmic zone around Taiping Island.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visiting the Taiwan warship she was to send to patrol the 200-mile exclusive econmic zone around Taiping Island.

SCMP says in its report “Trouble in Taiwan: Hague ruling on Taiping Island gives Tsai her biggest headache” today, “Analysts say Taiwanese president has been stabbed in the back by US and Japan, two countries she had been relying on for support in row with Beijing”.

In the first two months Taiwan’s new president Tsai Ing-wen is unlucky to have lots of challenges including the flooding of Taiwan’s main international airport, flight attendants’ strike, a bus fire that killed 24 mainland tourists, etc. but the most tricky one is the Hague ruling made under US and Japan’s influence to contain China.

The ruling denies Taiwan’s right to its exclusive economic zone around its Taiping Island. SCMP says that Tsai immediately responded by flatly rejecting the ruling and sending a warship to patrol the zone Taiwan claims to protect Taiwan’s rights. However, the US and Japan have called on all claimants including Taiwan to respect the ruling and avoid intensifying the tensions in the South China Sea, which Taiwan is certainly doing by sending its warship to patrol disputed area.

US and Japan are thus humiliating Taiwan but Tsai has remained silent to US and Japan’s calls. She has been criticized by Taiwanese politicians and media for kowtow to the US.

Tsai has been under great pressure from Beijing urging her to recognize the one-China “1992 consensus” to ensure that she does not advocate Taiwan independence, which the US and Japan support though dare not make their support public for fear of incurring Beijing’s anger.

US and Japan’s move has upset Taiwanese people and even politicians of Tsai’s pro-independence party.

SCMP quotes Julian Kuo, a former legislator of Tsai’s independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party as saying,“No one opposes a friendly Taiwan-US relationship, but if such a befriending is to the extent of humiliating ourselves … and even to the denial of our rights to the exclusive economic zone of Taiping Island, the Taiwanese public obviously will not agree to such a no-limit pro-US policy.”

Being an experienced politician, Tsai is worried not merely by the Taiping Island problem but US and Japan’s disregard of Taiwan’s interests in dealing with Beijing. Taiwan is regarded by them merely as a pawn they can use to contain China so that when Beijing really tries to take Taiwan by force, Tsai cannot be sure that the US will honor its obligations to protect Taiwan by force as Taiwan is insignificant for the US in US-China relations. Taiwan will certainly be sacrificed if the US believes that supporting Taiwan will affect its interests in Mainland China that are much more important to the US.

Tsai resists Beiing’s demand for her to recognize the one-China “1992 consensus” as she and her party want independence. The independence tendency grew especially due to the Chou Tzu-yu incident.

Chou was then a 16-year old Taiwanese beauty and a member of the very popular South Korean idol girl group TWICE. She has lots of fans in Taiwan and is regarded as a token of Taiwan’s honor. Before the recent Taiwan’s presidential and parliament elections, Chou was attacked by Mainland web users for “advocating Taiwan independence” when she appeared on TV screen holding the flag of the Republic of China. She was made to apologize publicly on TV screen. Taiwanese people were very much upset by Mainlanders’ denial of their right to hold their flag. In addition, the TV scene of the miserable young naïve beautiful girl reading her apology touched their heart deeply. They vied with one another to come out to vote for the pro-independence Tsai and Tsai’s party, giving them a landslide election victory.

However, the “1992 consensus” means that both Taiwan and Mainland China uphold that there is only one China but each can have its own interpretation of what the one China is, i.e. Mainland can regard the People’s Republic of China as the one China while Taiwan can regard the Republic of China as the one China. Therefore, according to the “1992 consensus” Taiwan certainly has the right to regard the Republic of China as the one China and hold the flag of the Republic of China. Soon Beijing quelled Mainlanders’ attack at Chou in accordance with the consensus but the damage has done.

The election victory has given Tsai the wrong impression that Taiwanese people regard themselves as Taiwanese and want independence; therefore, she has disregarded Beijing’s urge for her to recognize the “1992 consensus”. However, Taiwanese people’s anger at Tsai’s lack of concerns for China’s interests in the South China Sea show Tsai that they are Taiwanese as well as Chinese.

Perhaps, Tsai like most people outside China regard the Chinese outside China as people who oppose China. She fails to see they only oppose the communist rule in China but are deep in their hearts Chinese who love China and Chinese culture. If Mainland China becomes a democracy like Taiwan, Taiwanese people will immediately want Taiwan to reunite with Mainland China. That is the biggest headache for Tsai, a pro-US Taiwanese who has now found that she has lost US and Taiwanese people’s support for independence.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be viewed at


8 Comments on “US, Japan Stabbed Taiwan President Tsai in the Back by Hague Ruling”

  1. Joseph says:

    ‘Stabbed in the back?’ Oh please. That term is only appropriate if Taiwan-US relationship is an equal one, which is not. Taiwan has always been a subject of the American since its creation. And a master never ‘stabbed in the back’ its servants/slaves. Masters just do whatever they like to their subjects. An unwilling subject will revolt. A willing subject will do whatever the master said gladly with ‘pride’. The way Tsai Ingwen always behaves puts her in the willing category. It was really shameful that the Taiwanese chose her if they really chose at all. Taiwan should really follow South Korea. While South Korea was created as puppet state, they have grown tired becoming American subject, and won some self-determination although only a partial one. The American now never dares to force their will to the South Korean for fear South Korea would break away from American alliance completely. An American ally that is not actually an ally, the South Korean is more ally to China than Taiwan ever has been, both government and people. Park Gyunghee slaps the American in the face hard, while Tsai Ingwen sucks the American hard. Taiwan as a people may well learn from South Korean pride for the very least.


  2. Guanggong says:

    Taiwan’s current status as de facto independent entity or state is as good as it gets. In other words, damn! it’s got the best possible autonomy in the extreme; More than any autonmous entity or state in the world can ever hope for! It is but a foolish woman who wishes to ask for more and climbs onto the branch leaning over a cliff, just to get that last fruit hanging there.

    Ms Tsai don”t seem to grasp the reality that Washington does NOT want Taiwanese Chinese when they already regard the mainland Chinese (1.4 billion of them) as enemies. Psychologically, Americans are brainwashed against Chinese due to their psyche-warfare against all Chinese nationals. She don’t seem to realize the extent of this mass HATRED being generated against her and her people.

    Asians and Chinese women are already considered prostitutes by Westerners; The way they are so easily brainwashed to believe and think Westerners particularly American men are gods, and throw themselves shameless at the feet of these god-men with white skin, blue eyes, and non black haired .. dishonoring their own family and people without a thought. Ms Tsai’s sucking up to the Americans and Japanese is a DENIAL of her own roots and people and is an extreme case of shameful behaviour. What more, that she is an educated person who should know that fact but to continue to do so even when you are regarded so lowly as prostitutes and inferior beings is, truly, there’s just no word to describe how shameful and dishonoring such foolish behaviour is.

    National and personal pride and dignity lies in oneself. Look no further. Attaching yourself to another entity or “brand” doesn’t make you a superior being. On the contrary it achieves the opposite. Your shallow and hollow character is displayed for all to see.

    Thus the dilemma of the Chinese society with such dysfunctional women in such aberrated psychological state. Such easy meat for exploitation for personal and national animositic agendas by arrogant, militant, imperialistic America and Americans, and Japan and Japanese against China and Chinese.

    Ms Tsai would be triply foolish if she does not wake up NOW and realize what tribe she belongs to. She need to be REALISTIC and cease having her head in the clouds and feet not firmly on the ground, as the late Lee Kuan Yew was wont to lament at the malaise in the Chinese society early on in his career in politics. Whither thou then, Ms Tsai? Traitor or patriot? Chinese or not Chinese? Your last chance to redeem yourself and be a role model to your tribe.


    • Joseph says:

      It is only natural for women to seek stronger and more powerful men role model. It is on their biological make-up for instinct. White people always regard themselves as superior and act in superior way. But the fault actually lies on the Asian family where those women come from. Those Asian men contributed by acting inferior toward White men. Even when those Asian men think they were better or at least equal, they were still intimidated in the presence of White men. How do your women respect you if you act inferior toward others? I have seen enough Asian men acting tough but cowering down when facing White people. They were more shocked that the White men when they found out I did not cower down and treated them as equal. I have seen enough Chinese American men and other Western Chinese men acted superior toward other Chinese, yet still cowering down toward non-Chinese people, be it White, Black, Indian or Middle-Eastern. Respect is earned, not begged. If you want your women to respect you, you can start by stop acting inferior toward other. I do. Women in my family for the very least do not consider Westerners as superior, in fact they think Westerns have inferior intellect, and the Westerners only gain upper hand through boldness and despicable acts, which many Chinese unfortunately readily accommodate.


      • Alex says:

        Cause and effect : Strong intelligent women makes strong societies. They bring forth strong sons and daughters. The UN has a saying : Educate the mother and you educate the entire family.

        Weak women, corrollary-wise bring forth weak sons and daughters. Observations by many foreigners about the over-protectiveness of children by Chinese mothers leaves them shaking their heads in disbelief at the wrong way of children upbringing. Over-protectiveness leads to spineless, useless, irresponsible, cowardly adults.

        When espousing thesis about sociological phenomenas, unwise to quote one “swallow”. One “swallow” does not a summer make.


  3. Simon says:

    Chinese navy and patrol ships are sailing well within the 12nm around Daioyu Islands already. Japane may be administering the islands for now but it is not Japanese soveriegnty and its claims are not recognised by UNCLOS.


  4. Steve says:

    This title for Tsai – A Pro US-Taiwanese for independence is a disgrace for All Taiwanese and Chinese. Taiwan can never claim independence, Tsai made a mockery of herself not realising that the US/Japan alliance are just laughing at her stupidity and arrogance.

    Tsai will be twice as stupid when US decide to act friendly to her and she welcomes uncle sam back with open arms. Soon her pro-independence democracy movement will be better known as DeMockeracy. Now is the time for Beijing to squeeze the noose of Taiwan businesses that is largely dependant on the Mainland for survival and blame Tsai for her scumbag behaviour.


  5. Simon says:

    Traiors or “Running Dogs” never earn any respects even from those they side with. Tsai Ing Wen and her party has no legitamacy. Foreigners are using her fo their own mischevious deeds. Chinese people if it comes down to it have to look after their own because nobody else will.


  6. Fre Okin says:

    The PCA ruling of Taiping island as a rock is a real slap in the face for Taiwanese people. This US/PH influenced verdict is actually a knife that cut both ways and on closer examination is actually helpful for China.

    Because many islands are now deemed as rocks, it means the outermost islands that are now rocks is only entitled to 12 NM. This means places like the Philippines with over 7000 islands will find many small rocks now as defining PH outermost EEZ, not the 200 NM EEZ from her larger islands.

    Same can be said of say Natuna island archipelago with almost 300 islands, the Chinese fishermen and other nationals fishing in the disputed waters there can also claim they are fishing outside Indonesia’s 200 NM EEZ since the outermost islands which are small and thus rocks will define the outermost EEZ of Indonesia.

    Further US Aleutian islands will also be deemed as rocks, meaning Chinese fishermen can fish up to 12 NM if they choose to go there.

    Even Diaoyu/Senkaku could be classifed as rock under PCA ruling, allowing China to go up to 12 NM there as it does not support economic activities as per UNCLOS.

    So it is very silly for US/PH to engineer this PCA verdict. They forgot China can now use this verdict to fish and drill for oil/gas anywhere up to 12 NM of VN, PH, Malaysia, Taiping island formerly zones that could be their 200 NM EEZ. The PCA islands as rocks verdict give China the authority to go much nearer to these rocks to harvest the sea resources. A big win for China!